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8/28/11: Couple of "firsts" today!

Posted August 28th, 2011 at 07:47 PM by Creole
Updated August 29th, 2011 at 07:11 AM by Creole

Since Big Bro David is home for a few days, it was the perfect time to begin our preparations for this fall's assault. We accomplished a lot today. . . .despite the heat!

I arrived at David's about 10:30 this am. He bought me a little Bushnell game cam last year and when he was home over the 4th of July weekend, he set it up. He also set up another of his game cams. He went in on Sat am and the Bushnell had apparently self-destructed, less than 2 months out the package. . .the other game cam was "confused" so he brought both out the woods. Sat pm we went to Wal Mart in Winnsboro and picked up another NEW cam as well as some more clover mix for the food plot; I paid for an additional warranty on this trail cam. With my luck it will last for friggin ever and die 24 hours after the warranty expires.

David promised me last year that I would be hunting vertical; however, due to his work schedule, we didn't get to hang a loc-on and it didnít happen. Today, David and I prepared for me to hunt vertical this fall. David checked the loc-on, the steps, etc. (and made a few adjustments) before we loaded up the Honda with the loc-on, steps, corn, ratchet straps, a machete and a little cooler with ice & water and headed to the woods. We took the "scenic route" across the flat toward the spoil bank & the ditch; David showed me where Daddy shot the "Big Boy" as well as where he shot the big 11 pt, pointing out where the old fence line and house were. We crossed the ditch (which is still holding water despite the drought) and headed to our stand and the food plot.

We arrived at the box stand and David climbed up, opened the door and was prepared to spray it for wasps, but none were in it. Imagine that? We headed on to the food plot and David and I talked about trees, finally deciding on a nice oak just off the edge of the food plot. The tree can't be more than 15 steps from the trophy rock on the stump, back off the edge of the food plot with the game trail right there, plus there is come cover to help hide some of my movement.

David hooked to Daddyís old lineman's belt and began securing the steps; I watched as he eased up that tree, and handed him steps, etc. as he asked. He got the loc-on secured then he helped me with my safety rope. Phase I of Vertical Creole completed--now for THE TEST!

I hooked onto the safety rope, slid that prussic knot upward and began to climb. David told me that I'd have to be half monkey to get up there and he is right about that! I eased up the tree, getting the feel of the steps; when I got up there, I turned around & sat--and was astonished at what I could see! The whole flat to the west where they cross, across the brush boundary of the food plot as they come from the spoil bank to feed, the entire food plot, the trail, even part of the thickets on each side. I was pumped. . . .

After a few minutes, I climbed down, sliding the knot as I eased down the steps to the ground. I think, no I KNOW I can do this. David and I discussed and Iíll need to get a bow hanger to screw into the tree and a pull line, but I think I can handle this new hunting challenge.

David dumped some corn at the food plot and set the trail cam. We cranked the Honda and moved west until we came to the next flat where David had set a lean-to. He tried to get it stabilized and it was being difficult so we just blew it off and headed thru the woods toward the Red Stand so I could see how the pipeline activity had affected it. On our way there, we stopped and David pulled some ears of corn left in the field to take back to the houseówe have a little buck coming to the garden to feed on rice bran that David had dumped, so the ear corn will be an extra incentive for him to keep coming back.

Not much is different EXCEPT that where the R/W curves back to the west, thereís a whole new pipeline! We rode all the way thru to the big pipeline in the swamp and David showed me where they are currently drilling. Thereís lots of activity in the swamp right now. On our way out, we had stopped at a well pad site, and there were two little fawns, twins with spots, browsing along the perimeter. David managed to get a couple of shots of them before they threw their tails up and flagged.

We continued out the swamp and back to the house. David checked his other loc-on and then he gave me the lesson in driving the Honda. I think I can do that too but Iíll need a little more practice.

We went to the pond and checked on the feeder and the catfish before calling it a day. We actually accomplished quite a bit and Iím very excited about the loc-on which will allow me greater access to the food plot.

Every year, I learn more about getting ready. . . .Iím hoping for a better season this year and David has helped me be positioned for success. In a couple of weeks, weíll be planting the food plots and hoping for rain. I need to get GG sighted in and weíll be ready to go. Now to go practice with my bow.

Remember, itís not the kill, ITíS THE HUNT!
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  1. Old Comment
    Mrs. Pintail58's Avatar
    Good luck this year, Creole! Sounds like you have a prime location. Do you like the loc-on stand? I've only hunted with a ladder stand and ground blind, but I'm hoping to use a climber this year.
    Posted September 22nd, 2011 at 11:25 AM by Mrs. Pintail58 Mrs. Pintail58 is offline

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