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Tracker's First Track *Part I*

Posted September 19th, 2012 at 12:46 AM by Cajun_Huntin

Iíll never forget the day my family gained a very important member. I had done many hours of research and found a breed of dog that would fit my life perfectly. Being a big hunting family, The Texas Blue Lacy, had quickly become the top choice of dog for us. This breed of dog is most commonly used for blood tracking wounded deer incase a hunter has any trouble locating his prey after the shot. In previous years, I have personally lost a few deer while hunting and had to call other people whom I knew with dogs to help me recover them. This intrigued my interest after I witnessed how these interesting creatures work for their masters. After long negotiations I finally convinced my wife our family needed a dog, so the search for the perfect one began.

My wife and I had to wait eight long miserable weeks before we were allowed to bring home our new puppy. We drove over eight hours one way on Valentineís Day to pick up our new baby. He was a very light shade of gray with the most precious blue eyes. My wife instantly grabbed him in her loving arms and started kissing his little head over and over again. Needless to say, my wife was instantly fallen in love from the beginning. The entire way home, my wife held this little sleeping ball of fur on her lap while I drove. Finally we arrived at his new home and something had occurred to me. Neither my wife nor I had given any thought to a name for our new family member. We began discussing different options, when it came to me. His name would just have to be Tracker! After all he will become a tracking dog one day. I called his name out loud for the first time while he was sniffing the entire kitchen learning his new home; and he instantly picked his head up like it was just meant to be.
The first year flew by fast, Tracker and I had become inseparable. Tracker rode with me everywhere I went, he even came to work with me during the week. We had become closer than I had ever imagined. We also trained almost every day for the upcoming deer season. He loved to do anything that would please me. I could see such passion in his eyes every time he looked at me, which had turned from that precious blue to a fire filled yellow as he had become older. It was as if we were connected somehow by a higher power. There were times when he would understand things I wanted him to do without even having to command him. This had become the ultimate friendship without me even knowing what was happening. We had created a bond between us that I was unaware of until the day it was tested on the highest level.
Iíll always remember that night; it was a damp muggy night with a bright blue moon hanging high above. I had just received the first official call for Trackerís services. As soon as I hung up the phone, Tracker instantly stopped chewing his scrumptious raw hide bone and looked right at me, before I even had a chance to ask him if he was ready to go. He ran straight for the door so excited he couldnít stop shaking as soon as I asked him if he was ready to go. As I drove through the night towards the property where the hunting party was patiently waiting on us, I couldnít help but get nervous. This was his first time on an actual live animal and not a practice run we had been performing all summer, but my biggest fear was he wouldnít handle the dark well because this is something we had not practiced much. Eventually we arrived and the hunter greeted us with such thankfulness, he nearly shook my arm so hard I thought my teeth were going to start chattering.
The hunter took us to the place where he had shot the deer and kept telling me how thankful he was that we had come to help. I knelt down by Trackers side and whispered in his ear ďthis is it boy, this is what we trained for just do what you know and Iím sure youíll find itĒ. Then I turned him loose and watched as his nose began sniffing the ground like a small vacuum cleaner. It didnít take him long to figure out in which direction the deer had gone and he was off faster than he began! I instantly took out my hand held GPS unit which was synced into his collar so I could keep track of his location the entire time he is tracking. It didnít take long for him to travel a few hundred yards and I decided to start following him. As I was following his tracking collar, I noticed he has stopped. I turned to the hunter and said ďI think he found itĒ, and began to run faster towards his location. Now remember its pitch black dark and I only have a small headlight with me to navigate by, but I was working my way towards Tracker as fast as I could.
I had traveled two hundred yards in his direction when I noticed the hunter was no longer behind me. Somehow, I had lost him in the dark while running towards Trackers position. I checked my GPS and noticed I was extremely close to Trackerís last known position and it was still indicating he has not moved. I slowed down to a walk when I heard it! A squeal so loud the hair didnít only stand up on the back of my neck but it jumped completely off! I instantly started looking around in all directions trying to figure out what made that horrible sound. I settled down after seeing nothing moving and slowly started to walk. One step after another I slowly walked alone in the dark trying not to make any noise. I made it to a small running creek when the leaves started rustling behind me. I turned my head just in time to see him staring me right in the eyes! It was a huge angry boar hog! As my light shined on his enormous head, I remember the light shining off his razor sharp tusks as he chomped his jaws together. I was frozen in fear and couldnít move.
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