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Trackers First Track *Part II*

Posted September 19th, 2012 at 12:47 AM by Cajun_Huntin

I slowly began to back up trying to get to the nearest tree. As I backed up, the boar charged with full intent to kill! I turned and ran towards the trees as fast as my tired legs could possibly carry me. I remember thinking in my head he is going to bite me; he is going to bite me now! As I reached the first tree he was so close to me I felt the wind from his nose bush against my calf muscles! Just as his nose touched my leg, I heard the loudest most vicious growl I have ever heard in my life! Then I heard the hog squeal as if something hurt. I quickly turned around to see Tracker hanging onto the ear of this huge beast! The hog was thrashing and slinging Tracker around like he was nothing, but Tracker would not let go of that beastís ear! With every thrash of his head, that hog was sinking those long sharp tusks into Trackerís ribs cutting deep gashes over and over! I reacted without even thinking at this point! I instantly ran towards them and tried to grab the big pig by his back legs, without any regard for my own safety.
I finally was able to get a good grip on the boarís back legs and with strength I never knew I had, I flipped him on his side. Just as this was happing the hunter appeared out of nowhere, and with a sharp thrust of his knife he ended the fight! There in front of my eyes was a slain beast that had almost killed me. The feeling of joy that the fight was finally over quickly disappeared as I noticed Tracker lying with the hogís ear still firmly in his jaws! I called for him but he didnít respond! I yelled at him, still no response. I started to freak out as I ran towards him thinking the worst. I just knew that beast had taken his life! To my surprise he was still breathing but had deep gashes in his ribs and was bleeding heavily from his chest! I told the hunter I was sorry but I had to get him to a vet immediately, and scooped him up in my arms and ran all the way back to the camp! I made it to my truck in what felt like hours but was only minutes. I placed Tracker across my front seat and sped as fast as I could towards my vetís office.
After many phone calls, I finally was able to wake up the vet and told him what had happen. He agreed to meet me at his office, so I drove as fast as my truck would go! I rushed in the door with my badly beaten but still breathing pup, and placed him on the table in the back office. The vet asked me to please wait outside, so reluctantly I did. As I was waiting outside, not knowing if my best friend was going to live or die, it occurred to me. The devotion this creature had to protect my life from harm might have just ended his. At this point the tears began to fall. I tried to think in all of my life has anyone else shown me this much selflessness, courage, devotion, and love. I could not think of anyone else who would put their life in danger just to save mine. As all these thoughts were running threw my brain, the door to the operating room opened.
The vet waved for me to come in. I was frighten as well as excited to enter the room. Would my best friend be alive or would he have paid the ultimate price for loving me. As I my eyes glanced into the room I saw his body. He was lying motionless and limp, his head was down and his eyes were closed. I just knew he was gone. His entire chest was wrapped in a white cloth with small puffy cotton pieces peaking out around the edges. I couldnít bring myself to look into the vets eyes, as I said with a muffled voice while shaking my head ďOh TrackerĒ! Just then I saw it, his tail had twitched. I walked up to his head and looked down, through a miracle his beautiful golden eyes were open and staring back into mine! He was still alive! The vet told me he will have to take it easy for a few weeks, that he had lost a tremendous amount of blood but should recover with plenty of rest! I was so relieved and happy I could do nothing but cry!
This is a moment in my life I will never forget. The day a small creature took on the most incredible task of protecting me from danger. This dog didnít care about his own well being. He didnít care about who was watching. He didnít do this because he wanted something in return. He put his life on the line because he cared more for the safety of his friend than he did about anything else in the world! From this day on I have tried to live my life the way a dog does! They are always happy to spend time with you no matter how little or how long it is. Ever noticed a dog doesnít hold a grudge if you wrong them. They are quick to forgive and even quicker to protect their loved ones! How much better off would the world be if everyone lived life like a dog? So guys next time your girlfriend or wife calls you a dog, just smile and say why thank you, because that is the greatest compliment anyone could give you!
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