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On Hunting Shotguns

Posted April 24th, 2013 at 10:16 AM by Hitman

I'm not trying to convince anyone or myself with this little review. My choice has been made. Someone who knows me though and knows that I'm not quick to waste money and that I'm a research hog with a little hunting shotgun hands on experience, asked me why (I) chose Beretta after starting a 'New Shotgun Search' since before the 2011 Duck Season.

So here was (my) answer really.



First I wanted an Auto-Loader.

So with cost not being a contributing factor, (Considering I don't by Hunting shotguns often and shouldn't need to)
...this lead me then to the top two brands that are currently leading the Waterfowl/Hunting Shotgun Market;

Benelli & Beretta.

Now my only choice left then was to decide between Gas or Inertia.

Having shot both Gas and Inertia throughout the last two seasons,
and hunting with folks who have these type guns,

I decided to go with Gas.(Beretta)

I believe Beretta to be the leader in innovative technology when it comes to shotguns. They simply spare no expense on creating and improving their products.

...and yes they pass on that expense to you but that's part of the deal right? I think so.
If you want a superior product you have to be willing to pay for a superior price.

I also believe the A400 Xtreme to be the pinnacle of Beretta's efforts in the Hunting Shotgun Field.
See the Brochure

Here are some of the bells & whistles and how the A400 can be adjusted to FIT you.

The evolution of the Kick-Off: The new Kick-off Mega reduces recoil 60% more than any other shotgun on the market, and provides xtreme comfort because the stock area that makes contact with your face remains stationary.

Third hydraulic damper to further mitigate the recoil and reduce mechanical stress.

Provides a corrosion proof barrier which ensures all internal and external metallic components remain impervious to every xtreme element you may encounter.

Exclusive Beretta technology for all-load top performance, from 24 to 64 grams.

Barrels designed in the Beretta laboratories to work perfectly with HP steel shots too.

Beretta steel featuring deep drilling, cold hammering and vacuum extension: the world’s best barrels.

Superior softness, lightness and smoothness for improved comfort and perfect shouldering.

Beretta gas-operated system, rotating bolt head and new feeding system: reliable speed and unbeatable performance.

The new forend cap offers a safe-and fast locking system that makes it easier to assemble and disassemble your shotgun. The cap is closed simply with a 1/6 rotation and a "click".
__________________________________________________ _________

How it all works;

- The Beretta A400 Xplor "Blink" system

- A400 Micro-Core

- A400 Kick-Off

- A400 Kick-Off ³


- A400 OPTIMA BORE High Performance

So while this may seem like a marketing type review, well, it is. All of the perks listed are indeed what made my mind up in the end.

To add also the superior performance that the 391's have been having and knowing that the A400 Xtreme is built off that platform but for the Outdoorsman.

All that together, is why I chose Beretta.

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