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Beretta A400 Xtreme Optifade Break-in

Posted May 13th, 2013 at 08:01 AM by Hitman

Here's my initial impression review.
-(If you have any question about this gun please ask here)
-(I know the gun is a rare sight considering how difficult it was to find one in Opti-fade(considering I called 7 dealers and eventually got one ordered) so if you want MORE DETAILED Pictures of it, you need only to ask)

However if you enjoy the review, let me know by voting/rating it up.



Well, how's this for a break-in?

50 Shells of Winchester AA #7 ½, - 2 ¾ DR.EQ.
100 Shells Win. Universal #7 ½, - 3 DR.EQ. (Cheapest/Dirtiest Walmart Shells)
Ended with;
Rem. Gun Club Target Loads
25 Shells - #8's, 3 DR.EQ.,
25 Shells - #9's, 2 ¾ DR.EQ.

...200 shells and the gun was impeccable.

The A400 Xtreme operates as advertised. Very tight specs and smooth, very fast cycling and with the 4 Recoil Reducing factors, the recoil is barely noticeable and the follow-up shots were quick. Shooting these low power light loads, I felt as if I was shooting a Ruger 10/22.

The trigger is also impressive. It has to be around 4-5 lbs and breaks very clean. It'll only get more crisp from here considering triggers get better with time.

Interestingly enough the barrel and receiver are all in one piece. So when you pull off the barrel, you also have access to the bolt rails. Unlike traditionally where as you have to pull off the barrel and remove the bolt and gas components in order to clean the rails that guide the bolt. So basically(as pictured below) the lower receiver is just a hull that contains the bolt only, once the barrel is removed. Also as pictured, this is what makes cleaning the bolt rails incredibly easy considering there is nothing blocking them from view.

The internal coating of the receiver also made cleaning it a breeze. A simple wipe with a rag and it was sparkling clean as new. Similar to the effects of using Frog Lube which I have not done but did consider. The coating doesn't allow anything to stick to the metal so it wipes clean as if it were polished.

With barrel removed the lower receiver is an empty hull

Polished internal coating on the receiver makes for easy cleaning

I'll admit, that I was indeed doubtful that a 3 ½ Mag. Waterfowl type Auto-Loader would be able to cycle the lightest loads reliably or without a malfunction. I was just waiting to see a FTE with the 2 ¾ DR. EQ #9 Loads. However instead, I just saw clay after clay shatter as the Rem. Gun Club boxes were ate up with ease.

To say I'm satisfied with the guns (opening day) is an understatement. After 200 Shells, even though knowing full well what I was getting into, I still stood in awe at how well the gun functions as well as it's ergonomics. While shooting the gun you can't mistake the technology and ingenuity that went into making it.

It starts with the crisp break of the light trigger weight and the gun fires and cycles so fast and with so little recoil that your bead is back on target for the follow-up before you are really ready for it to be. I found it a bit surprising shooting doubles when I could fire and the action and recoil was over so quick it was as if the 2nd target was just sitting there waiting while my brain was yelling, "You're on target, SHOOT already!" and it ends with a ¼ twist of the B-lok, and the barrel and forearm are off in your hands ready to be wiped if needed. Insert barrel and another ¼ turn of the B-Lok and the gun is ready to function.

The speed is going to take some getting used to, in order to keep up with this gun.

I started the journey of purchasing a new Auto-Loading Shotgun before the 2011 Duck Season. Since then I've fired almost every single shotgun produced in recent years and some extensively with exception to the new A5.

It's been an awesome researching adventure and I'm glad I waited and took my time.

more to come...


*Please note that I am not a professional writer and do not get paid to do gun reviews. What I write is my mere opinion. I love guns, I love to talk about them and shoot them and I like to write and share my opinion of them as well. As always, please remember, my opinion/review of this firearm could be worth exactly what you paid for it. *

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