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8/19/2012: Big Boy Spotted

Posted August 27th, 2012 at 10:22 PM by Skewerer

On Sunday, 8/19 my wife and I decided to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and go check a few trail cameras. Deer were everywhere as we rode around the farm on the Bad Boy.

After pulling the camera by the Watermelon Stand due to another lackluster performance, we headed towards a ditch crossing that is always a hot spot. My last check of this location had revealed a few nice 3 year olds and one potential shooter--a tall browed 8-point.

Sure enough, the camera was loaded with pictures. One deer, a 3 year old 10-point stuck out due to his predictable routine. He was very recognizable. Last year he had been a tight-racked 8-point with a long skinny nose. This year, the skinny nose remained, but the rack had blossomed into a tall, well-proportioned 10-point frame. If he makes it through the season, there's no telling what this deer might make next year. The tall-brow 8-point had also reappeared. A clear view of his back end and belly line revealed him to be a 4 year old. That made him #1 on my 2012-13 hit list!

After checking the cameras, we had a couple more that we needed to set out. We headed towards the field edge with plans to hang one there. As we road down the trail through the trees, my wife pointed out a good-sized swamp rabbit sitting about 10 yards away. I hopped out and snuck closer for a better look. He let me get about 10 feet from him. Handsome little devil, but not very smart!

Once peter cottontail hopped on down the bunny trail, we were back on course and headed for the milo fields. We left the edge of the woods and rolled through some CRP with the milo fields directly ahead of us. I stopped short of the fields and parked the Bad Boy. "I'm gonna sneak up to the edge and see if there are any deer in the field," I whispered to Amanda. Crouching low, I eased up to the point where the dense CRP meets the turnrow adjoining the field. I peeked around the corner and gasped. There stood a HUGE buck!

He was about 300 - 400 yards away, so I ducked back to Amanda and told her I was going to sneak closer to try to get a few pics. I cut through the CRP on a parallel path to the turnrow and closed another 150 yards of distance between myself and the buck. When I peeked out of the brush, the huge 8-pointer was still standing at the edge of the milo, eating his heart out.

Other deer milled around in the turnrow. Fawns, does, spikes, and basket racks. But I was oblivious to the other deer. My focus was on the big boy...a 5 year old monster!

Once I had a few good angles photographed, I elected to sneak back out without trying to get any closer. I had him right where I wanted him. No point in educating him now.

October 1st hurry up and get here! I've got a new #1 on the hit list.
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