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Opening Day 2017 (Copied from forum post)

Posted March 27th, 2017 at 06:00 PM by Black Spurs
Updated March 28th, 2017 at 03:27 PM by Black Spurs

I am just posting my forum post over here so I can keep up with some of this stuff. I just realized I never posted anything at all in 2016. I'll do a summary of 2016 here: I killed one turkey, and everything else pretty much sucked. That was 2016. Now, 2017:

Our season opened with a blast of psychotic weather last night and into the morning after daybreak. I slept. Actually, I got up and watched television and answered the phone the few times it rang at an hour when one of two things has happened, a tragedy or the opening day of turkey season. For the last month, I have tried to come up with a scenario that would lead to me killing a turkey on opening day. I could not conjure up such an image, despite an earnest attempt, but I was going anyway.

So, I decided to go with my dad and brother. My dad said he wasn’t going in this and had other things to do. When I got to the house around 9:30, I had to wake my brother and convince him we should take this opportunity to check some fields where we could hunt. At 10:30 we went through the gate and parked the truck. I had three shells. He had two shells. I had two mouth calls. He had none, and he had no face mask.

We checked the first couple of fields and only saw a big fox squirrel. We made our way around the fields, and the thunder started up again. As we walked through a gap where he had seen a gobbler and some hens a week or so ago, I noticed a set of fresh gobbler tracks, since the rain, so they couldn’t have been more than an hour old. We walked another 20 steps and heard one gobble to the north. I cut to him, and the turkey answered me, hard. My brother said he really wanted to shoot. So, I said okay and backed up the road a piece, no big deal. The turkey gobbled at a clap of thunder, and he was closer. I yelped to him. He answered. Then, I just ripped into him with some cuts followed by yelps. He went insane!!!!

I soon caught a glimpse of a turkey coming up the edge of the field at a trot, but my brother couldn’t see him because of the way he was sitting. Suddenly, I saw a white cotton top in the field. I thought it was a bit far, but BOOM!!! Everything got eye-of-a-hurricane still. No thunder. No wind. No rain dropping off the leaves, and everything slowed down to a crawl. I didn’t see a turkey flopping. I eased up to the edge of the field, and I saw a turkey strutting and sort of jumping up and down. It took a second for it to register that there were two gobblers, and the second turkey was jumping up and down on the turkey that was dead. I felt like I had gone into another dimension where luck might smile on me the way it used to. Oh, how I longed for the glory days when I could do no wrong on a turkey.

The next sound I heard was my own voice, “Wait!! Wait!!” I just knew my brother was going to blast the second one before I could shoot. He did not. Perhaps he was as stunned as I was.

I threw up and shot, right over the gobbler’s head. The turkey gobbled at that. WHAT!?! Another shot rang out. I don’t know if it was me or my brother. Finally, I did shoot the turkey in the back as he turned to leave. I ran out in the field as he tried to hobble away, but he fell dead as a hammer at the edge of the field. I think he flopped twice when I picked him up. We made it back to the truck at 11:20 A.M., just as the rain started to fall again.

Mine had a 9 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs. My brother's had a 9 inch beard and 1 inch spurs.

Thanks for reading.
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