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2017 Spring Turkey Season Week One Summary

Posted April 3rd, 2017 at 03:24 PM by Black Spurs

My brother and I got the double on opening day. Since then, it has been less than stellar.

March 26:

The second day of the season I hunted with a friend. We heard one gobbling pretty good at 6:30 AM on the roost. We made a move on him, hooting once to get a better course. He answered. We set up and waited until the appropriate time to give him a tree yelp. He was only 75 to 100 yards away. He would not answer me directly, but he continued to gobble sporadically at crows and nothing in particular. Finally, he answered my wingbone. I heard a real hen yelp; he didn't answer her either. I don't know what happened to him.

March 31:

I went to a different place, perfect weather. No gobbles. Around 8AM, I heard a shot that sounded like it was on that place. I eventually made my way around there to see if I could see any evidence of anything. As I was getting up from my spot, I ran a hen off the roost. It was 9AM. I may have locked her up trying to find a good spot to sit. It was pretty dark when I got there, but the most recent high water had made a mess in the area. I had a hard time finding decent cover. I ran another off the roost at 10AM quite some distance away from my initial set up. I did not see any evidence of any turkey being shot, but it could have happened. Or it could have been across the highway. I went home.

April 1 (AM):

I took a friend's uncle. No gobbles. I called up a hen; we ended up spooking her. Then, another hen showed up along the road to our north. She completely ignored me. We made a loop to check some fields and saw one more hen, which we spooked. And we saw 6 deer.

April 1 (PM):

I went back to the same place we went on March 26. I saw a hen by herself in a food plot. I saw super fresh gobbler tracks on the road leading to the food plot. I figured he was close. The hen moved off into the woods. I made some calls, soft. I scratched in the leaves. Everything ignored me. About 6:50 PM, I eased out to check the pipeline where the food plot was. He and the hen were about a 150 yards to the north, facing me. He was just standing there under a tree, his hen at his side. They went into the woods. The next morning I didn't go, but my friend did. The gobbler never opened his mouth.

I guess this is the lull. How long it will last is anyone's guess.
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