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2017 Louisiana Turkey Season Review

Posted April 25th, 2017 at 03:27 PM by Black Spurs

I canít complain too much about my 2017 turkey season, and if you know how my spring of 2016 was, anything short of being dragged into a hay baler, balls first, would be a step in the right direction. Nevertheless, here is my synopsis of the season. It was much better than I expected it to be, despite very little gobbling.

Prior to the season, I basically had every place I had secured to hunt fall to pieces. Thus, my expectations were low. Nevertheless, I got excited as the season approached. I did no scouting whatsoever, and I even planned a trip to Colorado in the middle of the season. As the weather forecasts came in closer to opening day, my enthusiasm was dampened, but I was happy to be in a position to hunt that first day with my dad and brother. I figured it would be great if I could just see someone else shoot one.

My brother and I managed to have an exciting hunt between storms, but my dad decided he didnít want to go with the weather being so bad. We got our double in a very quick, exciting hunt. With the pressure off, I got with a friend to hunt the next day. We have been trying to get him a turkey for a couple of years now. We heard one gobble, but he only answered my wing bone once, and he was not very enthusiastic with his answer. He may have just been gobbling on his own, and it just happened to be after I called. After March 26th, I did not hear another turkey gobble until April 14th. However, I know the turkey that ďansweredĒ my wing bone gobbled on April 13th because that is the reason we went back there on the 14th. I guess it was the same one. He was in the same place. The hunt on the 14th was probably in the top five best hunts of my life as far as gobbling goes, which totally contradicts my earlier comment on gobbling. The same could be said for the first hunt where my brother and I both killed turkeys, but it was so quick that it is hard to really count as one with great gobbling. I think the whole thing took about 5 minutes.

I did not hunt a great deal this year, maybe ten times. Nevertheless, I never took more than about 4 days without either listening in a place where I had previously heard or seen turkeys. On the days I wasnít out listening or hunting, I was in contact with others who were. For the most part, turkeys didnít seem to gobble much between the end of March and the middle of April. Very little gobbling seemed to be the common theme for me and most people I talked to throughout the season. One person reported that they had great action mid-morning, one of his best seasons. But that was one person among several with whom I spoke about hunting. We have a lull every year, but this year seemed prolonged and never showed much of a peak to begin with.

On the final day of the season, I did come across a gobbler and a hen together. We were on a place that has a good population of turkeys, but we did not hear one single gobble all morning. I did call that gobbler and hen up, but things didnít work out for my hunter. Iíll just say the season ended with a bang for him but no gobbler.

It will be interesting to see how things work out next season with the later opening. Generally, I find that the last week of March and the last two weeks of April are the best times for gobbling in my area. I expect to hear many complaints about next yearís April 7th proposed opening day, provided that gets approved. I have already heard some complaints, actually. Regardless of what they decide, I will be out there from the beginning until the end.

How was your season?
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