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Just Talkin'...

Posted September 21st, 2012 at 10:43 AM by No. 2

When I was younger, the dream of doing some sort of work in the outdoor business was always a dream of mine and then one day it started to become a reality. Since then I’ve learned a lesson that many don’t believe…this stuff is hard. Not like hard physical labor hard, but more mentally exhausting. As new as Bayou Bucks is, most of us that have anything to do with it have regular 40+ hour a week jobs. Some of us have families or are expecting additions to our families within the next few months. Combine all that with a thriving magazine, website, and video production and friends, you barely have enough time to sleep.

The first thing I realized is that a hunting related business is a business first and hunting comes in second…wayyyyy second. There’s more ad selling, make sure you name this person in an article, make sure we work that into an advertisement, and last minute revisions to stuff you’ve been working on for three weeks than I ever could have imagined. Here’s a quick rundown of an “off season” month just for the magazine: the first two weeks, when I get home at 6:30 PM, family time till 8 then it’s BBM until 10 or 11 (articles, Idiots of the Outdoors, Member of the Month, Then vs Today, Trophy Talk, etc.). The third week is really fun. After we get it all to the graphics lady, she put it together and we have about 3 days to edit anything. Up at 445, edit til 6, get ready for work, home at 630, edit some more until we finally upload…and that’s just me. Matt and Jason are busy editing too. Fourth week we have a conference call about the next month and it starts all over. My time will decrease significantly during hunting season due to big deer kills and the stories that I write but I enjoy them more than anything else.

The second thing I realized is that you are at the mercy of your readers and all their opinions. People can be rough and when money is involved, they can get mean. They want things and they want them now. They want stuff that pertains to them and they want it fast. They want a write up on all of the public lands in Louisiana, just not their favorite one. They love big deer stories, just not the one’s in their area. The more you try to please everyone, the more you feel like a failure. When you spend all of your free time doing something to make others happy and all that work is for peanuts, you get a bit frustrated. But then it happens…someone sends you an email or private message about how much something you wrote meant. Or they’ll send you a text message about how much people in their area enjoy the magazine and tell you to keep up the good work. The fire is stoked and it makes all that work worth it.

As much as I love to hunt, I’ll admit with a hung head that it makes me nervous when the season gets close. My kids are growing and my wife is as supportive as she can be, but time away due to hunting, chasing big deer kills, and any other BB stuff wears them thin. Last year from October until February, I averaged 5 hours sleep at night. I started keeping up with it the second week of October and thought it’d slow down but it didn’t. March hit and it increased to 7 hours where it currently resides (unless my youngest wakes up in the middle of the night and then it’s cut by an hour). I get jealous at people have time to shoot their bow in the evenings, have time to work on deer stands and other stuff on the weekends, and get to enjoy their kids activities on the weekday evenings or weekends. I don’t. My weekends are filled with work; both for my family and BBM. This outdoor business is not what it’s cracked up to be.

But I love it. I love it when I am successful at something and that is measured by how much people enjoy what we do. People ask “If it’s that tough then why don’t you quit?” It’s a simple answer…I’ve come too far and put my family through too much to stop now. Four years this deer season I’ve written for Bayou Bucks and friends it’s been a blast. You know what gets me off? Beating the larger magazines to a big buck story and making the article more enjoyable than anyone else can. That proves to me that I can hang with the best. When other writers for larger outlets contact me for the info on a kill, that right there is a chest swellin’ moment. When you shake Jackie Bushman’s hand and he talks about a deer kill that you wrote about for one of his magazine, that tells me to keep going. I’m not for the commercialization of deer hunting or any hunting. What I’m for is bringing informative, quality entertainment to hunters around MY state and anybody else who cares to read it. I’ve said this since day one; if this writing and outdoors business never carries me any farther than it has right now, I’m happy. The people I meet, the stories they share, and the friends I’ve made make every second and every sentence worth it.
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  1. Old Comment
    Crawl79's Avatar
    Keep up the good work! Not everyone has complaints most of us like everything about the magazine.
    Posted February 28th, 2013 at 04:29 PM by Crawl79 Crawl79 is offline

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