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First Two Weeks Toward Pinhoti 100

Posted May 24th, 2012 at 03:38 PM by Black Spurs

I had a nice break from running during turkey season. I still maintained somewhere between 20 and 25 miles per week once I recovered from February's 100 mile race, but those miles were really just breaking the legs back into some degree of functionality. I had a friend who told me to expect to be back to normal running levels after about 100 days, one day for every mile raced. It worked out to be just about right. I don't see how people run the long ones so close together that they end up with 8 to 10 one hundred milers in a year. Of course, not very many people do that, but a few do.

I had planned a break for turkey season, and it ended up being the perfect amount of time to be rested up to start working toward the ultimate goal in my mind, the Pinhoti 100. I've learned enough and have a deep enough base that I could probably do very well with a 16 week training phase as opposed to a 24. Nevertheless, I believe the slow building of mileage is better for me, so I'll stick with the 24 and use the first 8 weeks to experiment with things I want to do differently than before.

The first week ramped up mileage from around 30 to a little over 40. I had scheduled 50 miles for week one, knowing that my real goal is + or - 5 miles of that goal. Most of the time I hit that mark, but sometimes I fall far short. I don't "make up" mileage. What is missed is missed, and I move on. You can run yourself crazy worrying about a spreadsheet. I always consider whatever happens as divine intervention. If my 60 mile week becomes a 12 mile week of which 6 miles were hiking, then I figure it is God forcing a break. I have truly been blessed with no injuries for the past couple of years, which helps my running to be consistent month after month. Halfway through the first week, I adjusted my goal mileage down to 45 because I could feel things not exactly as they should be. I hit 41.25, which is within my + or - 5 range. My long run did not happen during the first week; I dogged it off after only 10 miles. I just wasn't feeling it, not a great way to start your first week of training.

I am almost through week two and feeling smart for dropping mileage back a little during the first week. I ran 15 miles on Tuesday; I'll run 10 tonight, 5 tomorrow night, and 15 more on Sunday. So, that will put me at 45 miles for the week, which is right about where I want to be at week two. After that, I'll have a down week of between 35 and 40 miles before moving on up above 50 miles per week (mpw). So far, I have no problems whatsoever. I have mixed up my running pretty well between road, track, and trails. Some people disagree, but I think you can comfortably finish a 100 mile race on an average of 45 to 50 miles per week if you schedule your mileage correctly. For instance, if you run 10 miles, 5 times every week, you may not be using that 50 miles correctly. But if you have some, not all, of those 50 mile weeks in a sequence like 3 five milers and a 35 miler, you are going to reap more benefits. And, of course, you need some down weeks to recover. Some weeks will be in excess of 50 miles. It is an average.

Right now, I am still tweaking my training strategy; trying new equipment, and just enjoying running the trails. My newest peice of gear are the Hoka One One's (see pic) I bought a couple of weeks ago. They a look a little funny, but they feel good on my feet. I will have an extra pair at Pinhoti to change into at mile 40, or maybe mile 60. I won't start doing much eating on my runs until I get to the long runs of 20+ miles. I pretty much know what works for me and what doesn't. But I still need to do it. Thanks for reading.
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