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August Review

Posted September 4th, 2012 at 09:29 PM by Black Spurs

It seems like months since I have posted on this blog. It has certainly been an eventful month. Running has been good, but I missed out on a planned 50 miler this past weekend. Hurricanes have a way of changing your plans. The only semblance of training I got last week was a really good 9 miler on the trails on Tuesday, and I did stay awake for 44 straight hours during the storm, which counts for something. I am not sure what it counts for, but sleep deprivation is definitely a part of running 100 milers.

Overall, the running has been good with one really fast 20 miler on the trails, and what I lack in mileage is probably made up for with hot and humid conditions. I slipped into the edge of panic mode yesterday as I realized that I am 8 weeks out and have not done a run over 5 hours. Of course, I can run for 5 hours much better than I could this time last year, even in the heat. I decided to take a look at my training plan and tweak it a little. I reflected back on last year's Cajun Coyote 100K. It was a race that I certainly wouldn't call easy, but I ran it pretty easily. I ran it better than I ran the 100 miler I did 8 weeks later. I have no doubt in my mind that my fitness peaked, as it always does, in November and December.

I picked that race day from Cajun Coyote and backed up 8 weeks to see how my training plan differed and what kind of long runs I did to have me run 62 miles and still feel relatively fresh at the end of it. I replaced the long runs with my original plan with the same distances I did preceding the 100K, and that is my revised plan for this 100 miler, which isn't much different from the original plan anyway minus the 50 miler.

A couple of things to keep in mind, for me, is that I have run a 100K and one 100 miler since the end of the 100K training plan. And, I have put in several 4.5 to 5 hour runs that I found to be far easier than they were this time last year. With 8 weeks out, I really have about 6 weeks of real training left to go. After that, it is a two week taper, and we step off the line in Alabama for what is sure to be the most physically and mentally demanding race that I have ever done.
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