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Turkey Season 2013 Review

Posted April 21st, 2013 at 08:07 PM by Black Spurs

This year has been just about the most enjoyable turkey season that I have had in several years. I have never killed a limit of turkeys all in the evening until this year. That was a fun difference from my normal hunting. I was able to call up two turkeys for a friend to get his first limit, even though the second one was a jake that was shot on the sound of his gobble and the sight of his head. It was still a great hunt with a great friend. It was fun.

Overall, The gobbling has been almost nonexistent, but I managed to take advantage of the terrain and the times turkeys did gobble to get where I needed to be. I killed a turkey that gobbled good on the roost on March 27th, but I had to stay on him all day long. And he never answered my call after he hit the ground. He had 5 hens with him. I killed him at 5:55 PM after waiting about 11 hours for him. He never moved more than about 50 yards one way or the other once he got to where he wanted to be. I would say he was a three year old. I measured those spurs again today and they were like 15/16ths and sharp. I usually just stick the tape on the spurs while drinking a beer, talking on the phone, cleaning the turkey, and just grinning when I get them home. His beard was a little shy of 10 inches. He was heavy, probably 20 pounds.

I could have limited out the first week if I had been able to squeeze off a shot on a longbeard I called up on Good Friday. He gobbled one time when he was coming. However, I didnít take a chance on a marginal shot and let him walk off.

On April 5th, I killed another longbeard in the same field edge where I called up the turkey on Good Friday. It was definitely a different turkey. The turkey I couldnít get a shot on had a much longer beard. However, I was proud to have the turkey I killed with an 8 ĺ inch beard and little over inch spurs. So, that was it for me. I was done for 2013. I just tried to focus on enjoying the woods, which I did.

The rest of my season was spent taking other people, all of whom had opportunities to kill turkeys. On April 7th, I called up a great gobbler for a friend of mine. He gobbled twice coming to us. He never gobbled on the roost, but we killed him right off the roost. The following weekend, we got on a hard gobbling jake and called him up. We watched him for a few minutes before he walked off down the power line.

On April 20th, we called up another jake that we watched strut for over 20 minutes at about 20 steps. It was quite a show. On the way back to the truck, we had some hens answer a box call yelp with some cutting. We sat down next to a tree and called. We were answered immediately by a gobble. The next call was answered with a full, rolling gobble just below the lip of a hill. When I saw the big head top the rise, I told him to kill him. We were pretty exposed. It ended up being a jake with the biggest head I have ever seen. Oh well, it happens. But my friend got his first season limit.

This morning I called up a nice longbeard for another friend, but he spooked him before he could get a shot. That turkey never gobbled as he came in, so it was a bit of a surprise. But the gobbler was in shotgun range when he spooked him.

It was a tough season for most people, but I am looking forward to next spring. I think we have a great carryover on all the places I can hunt. Hopefully, the spring will be on time in 2014.
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