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Mineral Month

Posted July 2nd, 2010 at 01:07 PM by elusive

it's louisiana, it's july, and it's time for rapid antler growth.
studies show that during the month of july, a deer's antlers are at full velvet and yearning to reach their full pontential. this cannot happen, though, if the animal doesn't receive a sufficient amount of nutrients or is under a high amount of pressure, and i think we all know about pressure in louisiana. under the right conditions, and with the proper supply of nutrients, a deer's rack can grow up to an INCH A DAY until it reaches it's maximum size, which is then determined and pre-programmed by it's DNA. a deer's genetics may determine points and shape, but it's diet and stress level will determine it's girth. so, an eight point buck can be walkin around with 4" tines when it should be walkin around with 12" thorns of gold.
calcium, nitrogen, phospherus, and salt all play an important role in maximizing antler size and growth. a lot of mineral blocks contain all of this and are easy to obtain. you can also buy these minerals seperately at most of your local feed stores. here's a recipe i got from a wildlife biologist:
1 part dicalcium phosphate (dairy feed additive)1-50 lb. bag
2 parts trace mineral salt (red, loose-granulation)2-50lb. bags
1 part stock salt (ice cream salt)1-50 lb. bag

makes 200 lbs. for about $23.00. do not mix until ready to use.
mix about 24lbs. well , dig/tear up a 3' wide by 6" deep hole and spread mixture evenly. try to distribute mix into the dirt. do 1 application per 100 acres in the spring or summer when does are lactating and bucks are growing antlers. maintain in 6 months and annually thereafter.
Remember shoot the does and let the bucks get bigger.
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