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Bow Hunting Oak Tree's

Posted March 29th, 2013 at 05:45 PM by obwon

Back in the day when I first started deer hunting I was clueless. My dad was a rabbit hunter. So thats what I grew up doing. And it was alot of fun to say the least. Me and my dad were very close. And rabbit hunting is a very sociable form of hunting. We had lots of time to talk and I loved every minute of it. I can remember being carred in the woods by him riding on his shoulders. He was a great dad and I really miss him.

Back in thoughs days I don't think there were many deer anyway. So I didn't miss much on the deer hunting. Im talking 50 years ago.

My deer hunting started at age 21. I was fresh out of the navy and glad to be home. I joined a hunting club and bought a remington 30-06 wood master 742. The first year I hunted I killed a 7 point still hunting and two other deer while hunting with dogs. I was hooked. Looking back very few members hunted with bows. But there was a father and son in the club that loved it. They shared with me how they hunted and I was more than ready to give it a try.

This father and son du-o used tree climbing spurs, home made lock on stands and hunted live oak trees. So I went and bought me a black bear compound bow, spurs and got started making the stands getting ready for the next bow season.

Learning to shoot the bow bow was hard enough but climbing trees with the spurs pretty much scared me to death. But I kept at it. By the end of the first season I had no kills with the bow but a few incounters and two misses. We had pretty good deer heard on this lease but it was a dog hunting club. Seeing deer still hunting was few and far between. So not the ideal place for bow hunting. But on the other hand my best friend belonged to a hunting club that was still hunting only and it was a target reach enviornment.

My first bow hunt with my friend revealed to me that he had never hunted oak trees. He and the others that bow hunted this lease were trail hunters and they didn't kill much with the bows. Gun hunting was a different story. They wacked them with the guns. When I say this place had lots of deer this is a under statement. I dropped out of my club and started hunting with him.

As I introduced him to hunting oak trees using spurs and lock on's I think he thought I was nuts. As we begain to scout looking at every oak we saw I think a light bulb came on for him. And I almost had a heart attack when we found a tree that looked like a mud hole under it. It was stomed up like nothing I had ever seen. Now this was one tree with two bow hunters. As we looked up at each other it was like OH my god we got to find another one of these. As we expanded our search we found another glory hole.

The first year of being able to hang a stand on such spots we killed eight deer with bows. Each of us had four kills. We also had both missed more than once. This continued for several years. But each year was different as far as locating the trees that would produce this many opportunities. Depending on the mast crop it was either easy or hard to locate the trees.

One thing we would never do after finding a good tree was shoot the squirrels helping drop those acorns out. The more squirrels in one tree the better.
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    Skip Orgeron's Avatar
    Good read, thanks!
    Posted April 2nd, 2013 at 02:16 PM by Skip Orgeron Skip Orgeron is offline

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