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The Rub Line Buck

Posted April 10th, 2013 at 10:50 AM by Skip Orgeron

The Rub Line Buck

Well, after discovering my new found gold mine I started to look for the best spot I could get a chance at this deer. Back then I did not have a portable stand to take in the woods so I looked for a good spot on the ground and hope for the best. I found a large log on the ground about fifty yards from a spot on the rub line I felt by looking at had the most activity from the buck.
Now comes the planning, I got my tiger stripe camo pants along with my old spotted camo shirt with the matching hat, I borrowed my brothers 30-30 Marlin rifle because it had a scope and had some cover scent I bought at a sporting goods store. The scent was called Cover-Up and smelled just like vanilla extract, hack I still use it to this day.
I came up with the best way I thought was to get to my kill spot walking way out from the slough bed because he seemed to circle that whole slough when he made has rounds from what I could tell, don’t forget I was fifteen and didn’t know a lot at the time and was doing this all myself. I would hunt that spot every chance I could get being as careful as I could not to disturb anything on my way in or out. He was just one step ahead of me every time I went.
I woke up one morning bright and early it was cold out I headed to my spot before sunrise. I was making my way to the fallen log I was using for concealment when all of a sudden I heard something bust through the brush snorting and grunting. He was upset for sure, I thought “man I just screwed up for sure”. I made my way to my spot and settled in waiting for the sunrise, I could still hear him grunting not far from me. I spooked him, but he did not know what I was so he stayed around maybe he thought I was another deer not sure.
Finally the sun was up and I could start to see in the woods, I watched the thicket like a hawk just waiting for him to make his debut and I could let this 30-30 rifle bark. I started to see some movement in the brush a little flicker here and there. I was ready for a shot my heart was about to beat out of my chest praying for a chance. I looked through the scope and I saw him, it was really him I could not believe my eyes all this work and planning is about to come together. He was moving in the brush I had no shot, but I know where he was going he was headed to that old logging road. There was a slough bed behind me that ran to the logging road I could use to stay out of sight and hope to catch him there. I crawled on the ground and made it to the slough bed and started to make my way to the logging road looking for him as I slipped my way through the woods. I was just about to the logging road trying to contain my excitement when it happened,” boom, boom, boom” my heart dropped I could not believe what I just heard coming from the very spot I was headed. I moved in the direction of the shots and came up to a man I guess in his late thirties with a look on his face like he just saw a ghost. I asked, “Did you get him”? The guy could barely talk he said, “It was the biggest deer I have ever seen I think he was a ten point he just stepped out on me while I was walking looking for a spot to hunt”.
I helped him look, but I could not find any blood or anything that indicated he even hit the buck. He told me the buck was only twenty yards away when he walked out, he good only see brown hair in the scope when he shot three times. I remember he got upset with me when I asked him if his rifle was sighted he replied, “Yes it’s sighted I sighted it in five years ago”. I told him I was hunting this area that my stand sight was about fifty yards from here, he didn’t care I was just some punk fifteen year old kid to him.
I left the spot alone for well over a week to let things calm down when I returned to check everything out I could tell the buck was no longer working the rub line and I also found a ladder stand that guy set up about twenty five yards away from my spot, unbelievable.
I learned a lot from that rub line I just wish I could have closed the deal, but from that point on I was obsessed with whitetail deer hunting.
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