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It's deer "hunting" not deer "killing"

Posted December 1st, 2010 at 07:42 PM by Mrs. Pintail58

Two weekends in a row, I've had a babysitter for Saturday afternoon, which in itself is a miracle with 4 kids, so Pintail58 has taken me over the basin, down the levy and across the bayou to a patch of state land near his daddy's camp to hunt. The first Saturday, we arrived around 2:00 in the afternoon and it's about 75 degrees outside. First thing, we stop at the camp to visit a minute and change into our de-scented clothes. I step out of the boat, sink to my knees in marsh mud (YUCK!!) and grab at the marsh grass to keep myself from falling over, not realizing that this is the "cut grass" that the guys refer to. I learned a good lesson quickly. Don't grab the grass! It will slice your finger open almost bad enough to require stitches, although super glue sews it right up.

After doctoring my finger, we head out to "the spot", which is where Pintail swears there are tons of deer, although he has never actuall seen a deer there. He leaves me in a clearing with lots of cypress knees and heads a little deeper into the woods with his ladder stand. I set up my ground blind and hang my Tinks in a semi-circle around me, spray my homemade cover scent all around, make sure I've trekked past my stand with my drag-rag so that all traces of "human" are hidden. I get back in my blind and settle in for the afternoon. I load my gun, get comfortable in my chair and begin to take in the peaceful quietness of the woods. The rustle of the light breeze blowing has stirred a few leaves to fall from the trees, but other than that, it is completely quiet. After 45 minutes or so, I notice that my chair has started to sink into the soft mud....I have yet to see anything, but I am sitting very still and quietly. I have my iphone, so I catch up on reading some back-logged email.

I am completely aware of the wood ducks flying over and the squirrels jumping from tree to tree around me when I start to hear a buzzing noise. It is now about 4:30 and the sun is starting to slowly set. I realize that the buzzing noise is coming from hundreds of mosquitos who think I am their next feast!! As quietly as I can, I begin swatting at them in my blind. When the sun has set and I can no longer take it, I text Pintail58 and let him know it's time to go. Neither of us saw anything but the wood ducks and the squirrels. Oh well, it was nice to relax in complete peace and quiet.

Saturday #2, by another miracle, we have a babysitter for the afternoon. Back we go, over the basin, down the levy and across the bayou. Since we changed at the boat launch, we don't have to stop at the camp, so we go straight to our spot. We arrive around 1:30 and Pintail realizes that he didn't grab my ground blind so all we have is his ladder stand. Once again, he leaves me in the clearing with the cypress knees and rye grass and heads deeper into the woods with his ladder stand....I'm a little ticked because he didn't even offer me the ladder stand, just said I would have to sit out in the open and tough it out...this obviously didn't go over well, but that's another blog post. (LOL)

I set out my Tinks, walk past my area with the drag rag and find a hollowed out tree trunk that is just large enough to squeeze my chair into and be somewhat covered and out of the open. Since it is chilly, about 55 degrees, I have on my bibs, coat, gloves, neckwarmer and face mask, so I am mostly concealed. I've decided that I won't be catching up on email because of the bright glow from my phone, so I just sit and observe. I really enjoy taking in all of the sights, smells and sounds. There are six or seven squirrels arguing in the trees, a few birds flying back and forth and the most annoying woodpecker about 20 feet from me. Apparently he is determined that he is going to peck the tree to death, regardless of how long it takes him. After a few hours of watching the squirrels and birds, I notice that there are no tracks whatsoever anywhere around me that would indicate any type of animal movement or deer for that matter. Upon closer inspection, the only thing I can see is boot tracks. Not one rut, hoof print, scrape, anything. Still, I have faith that eventually, I will see something other than a few squirrels and birds. Pintail texts me to tell me that a mink just crossed under his stand, and that it's time to start packing up because the sun has almost finished setting.

I pack up my stuff and when he meets me, I tell him that I don't think that there are any deer here and his response is "That's why they call it deer hunting, not deer killing." Grrrr....after sitting in my chair, freezing, he tells me this. Now, I'm not expecting to kill a deer on my first few hunts, or even see one, but I'd like to see some sign that they are in the area! Guess I will wait and see what happens on the Island this weekend.

Stay tuned to the adventures of a huntress......

Signing out from Pintail Paradise,
Mrs. Pintail58
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  1. Old Comment
    marks56's Avatar

    nice story

    Nice story and kind of funny the way things work out. Good luck to both of you the rest of the season!
    Posted December 8th, 2010 at 09:04 PM by marks56 marks56 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    El Nino's Avatar
    Good story! You had me giggling!
    Posted December 14th, 2010 at 02:43 PM by El Nino El Nino is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Pintail58's Avatar
    And just think.. Travis killed two there two weeks later......."No deer here" If I say i'm gonna crap a mule you better grab a bridal...
    Posted February 24th, 2011 at 12:06 PM by Pintail58 Pintail58 is offline

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