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Week 2 (100K/100M Program)

Posted August 28th, 2011 at 08:57 PM by Black Spurs

Week two started with a pretty quick 9 miler on Tuesday, a little more actually, but things felt quite good with miles 1-3 being easy, 4-7 at Half Marathon pace (around 7:40 per mile for me), and 8 and 9+ at a leisurely pace. Well, mile 8 was leisurely. I pushed hard on the last mile home. Wednesday was an easy 5 miler, and Thursday was another easy 9+ miles. Friday was another day off.

I may have mentioned in an earlier blog that I found a guy in Gonzales who is also running Rocky Raccoon in February. I talked to him a couple of times, and lo and behold, he has a connection to St. Helena Parish. His aunt lives here, just outside of town, and his dad grew up here. Anyway, we decided to get together and do a three hour run up on the hunting lease. The other guys had been up there last weekend to clear some trails with the bush hog, which ended with a broken down tractor that had been borrowed from someone... It is always interesting. Nevertheless, I wasn't sure what we would find because they told me they were not able to finish before the tractor broke down. We decided to meet and step off at 5 AM to get some good dark time on the trails running with headlamps.

We stepped off at exactly 5 AM. I knew we could do the 3.05 mile loop with no problem, so that is what we decided to do. We planned to take some walk breaks as they are certainly part of the strategy for almost all ultra marathons. Nevertheless, we abandoned the plan for walk breaks and just ran.

The first loop was pretty quick, and we cleared the path of spider webs, mainly by running into them. I had one spasmodic freakout with a rather nasty looking spider and knocked my headlamp open and dropped a batter, but other than that, everything went well. We found the battery, and things were working fine. The trail looks remarkably different when viewed with only the light from a headlamp. At times, I thought it was someplace I had never been. We made it through the first and second loops in complete darkness except for the lights.

As daylight broke, we picked up the pace a little, and at the end of 3 hours, we had gone a little over 17 miles. We talked about race strategies to make it through the 100 miles at RR (Rocky Raccoon) and chatted about nothing in particular. No great problems were solved on this outing.

I had to leave after three hours, but I told Tim to stay and finish his 26 miles, which he did. Once I finished with the funeral I attended, grass cutting, and a birthday party, I headed out for another 10.1 miles last night. I wasn't sure how that second session would go, but I was pleasantly surprised that my legs felt quite springy. It turned into a tempo run, turning out some sub 8 minute miles out to 8 miles until I slowed it down for the last two.

So, I finished the week with a little over 50 miles, which is right on schedule. This morning my legs were sore, but it wasn't anything that wouldn't be expected from a hard workout. I also have a bit of sinus thing going on. I am not sure if that is related to some sort of pollen or what. I could run tonight, but I am forcing myself to rest today and tomorrow. Actually, last night was the run I was scheduled to do today, but I had too much going on today to make it. So far, so good.
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