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Opening Weekend.

Posted October 4th, 2010 at 08:53 AM by Cajun83

Headed out of work early friday so I could make it to the feed store for a sack of rice bran. Picked it up and headed out to one of my spots. Dumped the bran and picked out a tree near one of the game trails. The trail runs along a barbed wire fence on an adjacent property which acts like a funnel. Saw some fresh tracks. Not a bunch but a couple different deer.

Saturday morning got up and headed to my 7 year old nephews football game. They won 24-0, he had 3 tackles at Defensive End (despite being one of the smaller kids on the team... he don't have an ounce of quit in him though) and he got in the game as halfback once for a gain of 6 yards and a first down and in as fullback once and had a nice block on the outside linebacker.

After the game, showered up and got ready to hit the woods. Got out there about noon or so and quietly checked the piles of bran. One of them had been hit. Saw some tracks in the pile and where deer had been eating so that got me all excited. Made my way over to the tree I had picked and climbed up. Got settled in and a parade of squirrels passed through. Must have been seven or eight of them in the trees at one point. Never knew the woods could be so loud.

As the sun inched down, the woods came alive. Birds in trees, squirrels rustling on branches... no deer though. Right before sunset (maybe 6:30 or so) I heard a big bird swooping down into the canopy. I turned to see a barn owl landing in a tree across the clearing. It sat there for a few seconds scanning the woods. I noticed that all but one squirrel had vanished. He was a small one and scurrying to escape the eyes of the raptor. He didn't get away in time. The owl launched out of the tree and dive bombed the little guy. Couldn't see if the owl actually caught the squirrel but as he was flying away I could tell that he was laboring so I think he did (too dark to see if he had anything in his claws).

That made my saturday. Nearly seven hours on stand... for one moment that most people never get to see.

Got up sunday morning and headed back to the woods. Had another tree picked out but the winds were still favoring the first tree so I climbed back up. Few squirrels here and there. About eight I thought I heard some small twigs cracking on the ground behind a thicket, to the front of my stand. I slowly turned slightly to the right and stared at the thicket to try and pick up movement. After a few minutes I heard more twigs and leaves rustling a few yards to the right of where I had been staring. I sat, heart pumping, for what seemed an eternity and as the sounds never returned, I calmed down.... then I heard it. Something coming up the trail behind me. It is wide enough for a truck and pretty much cleared out so there is nothing but leaves and some small twigs on the ground. I patiently sit there without moving to confirm that I heard correctly. I hear it again! I turn as slowly as I can to try and pick up whatever it was, in my peripheral vision and I see something standing there.... A beagle puppy... lol

He got me. Shortly after messing with him for a few minutes I decided to climb down and call it a weekend. Got all my stuff packed up and headed out.

Better luck next time.
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