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Touchdown jcfarms!!!!!

Posted October 6th, 2011 at 08:47 AM by JCFarms

Well, it all began the evening before, Friday I got off work about 3:30 and hauled it home. I showered and threw on some scent free clothes and boots and headed out to put up my stand. I got it up and poured out a little BB2 around it.

Sat. Oct. 1st. 2011
Waxing Cresant Moon, 57 degrees
100 Lb. DOE
7 points

Sleepless night. Wanted to try to get some sleep, but that wasn't happening. Rolled out of bed about 4:47am.
Got coffee made and started moving around. Got A2H off to work and I headed to the hunting shed.
Got all ready and then nature called for the third time this morning, I ate way too much fresh fried backstrap at BThib's camp last night.
Got on the HuntVe later than I wanted to, got close to parking area and it's cracking daylight.
Took off walking to stand location and got halfway there and deer were blowing at me, oh well, had it happen last year too.

So I eased my way into the area and finally got in stand. It was a little cool out, but I was pumped! I pulled out my iPhone to begin my live post and I heard movement off to my north, I thought it might be hogs. I put up the phone and like a dummy I stood up. I have cover as long as I'm seated, last year in this same location I shot a double from, the deer never saw me up here last year.
This year was different, I'm watching two deer move in, one small spike and the other had nice antlers on his head! I was waiting to see if the larger buck would come in, while the small spike came in to eat my BB2, which by the way I poured out way too close to my stand! Last year I poured it out so when they were at it there was brush in the line of site to my stand, but even then they walked all around me last year and never looked up, not this year. It seems they have that sixth sense thing going!
Well the small spike looked up at me and stared for about 20 seconds and decided we didn't like the looks of what was up in that tree, he bolted off about 10/20 yds. and looked like he was coming back, well somehow he turned into a doe and there were several more deer behind her.
Well she decided to eat from what was left of the BB2 from the night before and it didn't take long before she was checking me out!!!
Now dangit, last year I remained seated and took my shots sitting down behind a tree branch, this year I was all pumped up and stood up, exposing myself!
Well she saw me and got nervous. She took a step kinda under some leaves and I began my draw, I got halfway back and she looked up at me again!!!
I'm holding this dang 70 pound bow at half draw about to push out a hemaroid, and she takes off about 15 more yards. She is now what I estimated as 25 or so yards away and broadside, I see a small hole to slide an arrow through, the hole lines up with the vitals! I drew back (20-30 seconds from when she looked up at me till my shot) and almost couldn't get the bow back, I was so having doe fever, I almost forgot to anchor and aim!
I was sure I hit her but the arrow was so fast it went clean through her and stuck in the dirt, the nocturnal lighted nock just a glowing!!! I listen and watch her run in a small arch then I hear her crash and kick up leaves!!
Well now I'm Shaking like Stan Potts (I so wanna meet this dude) and I'm cold and I decide to sit down and drink some coffee!!
Man ain't nothing better than coffee on a deer stand, looking at all the nature around me, I still haven't heard many squirrels. Well the coffee warms me up a bit, and I keep hearing movement off to my west (left) I keep looking but can't see anything, my brain at this point isn't functioning so I drink more coffee and just as I turn around to put up my thermos that sound from my west bolts off and blows several times! Now I'm mad at my self! I'm sitting there thinking it's clear to get down and so I make another move and there's a dang deer to my south east coming in and must a saw me cause it runs off blowing as well!! So I sit a little while longer and drink more coffee.
I finally had enough and get down, I ease my way to the spot she was standing looking for my arrow, crunch crunch crunch, the leaves go under my boots, and then there are still deer at the feeder which is a good 150 Yds. from my stand blowing and stomping! So I find my arrow, Bloody arrow! I'm happy!
I begin my blood trail and went 63 steps and there she lay all pretty and just as beautiful as God made her!
I go back and get the HuntVe and load her up!!!
What a good day!!!!
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