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Tailwind Nutrition (Follow up review)

Posted June 5th, 2014 at 10:44 AM by Black Spurs

This past weekend, I ventured over to the West Feliciana Sports Complex in St. Francisville, Louisiana. The event was an informal run of 12 hours. I planned, initially, to run 8 hours. However, I hurt my back two days before the event by trying to move some furniture for my daughter, in the rain, with very little help... As such, I decided to scale the plan back to trying to take it easy for about 6 hours and hope to be somewhere around a marathon or 50K for the day.

The sports complex, aka The Beast, is a very substantial trail for Louisiana. The loop, is around 6 miles long has 900 to 1000 feet of elevation gain and the same amount of loss over the course of one loop. The Thunderbird race that is held each year here calls a half marathon 2 loops, so I went with that standard. I decided to go with 200 calories per loop for my run to see how Tailwind held up. I brought no other food, so I was hoping it would live up to its claim of "All you need, all day, seriously." In short, it did.

I was using the "naked" flavor, which has a taste barely more than water. It isn't too sweet; it is pretty much bland. The weather was not hot, but it was extremely muggy and allowed for virtually no evaporation of sweat.

Halfway through the first loop, I was completely drenched and couldn't wait to get back to the truck and shed my "moisture wicking" shirt. It wasn't working at all. Horseflies were numerous and really annoyed me by the second loop. My back was hit or miss throughout the run. After the second loop, I was about 2:30 into the run and saw some other folks taking a beer break at the picnic tables where we parked. We sat around, drank a beer, and talked about running for around 30 minutes. Then, I went back out for 2 more loops in the pouring down rain. Lightning started popping midway through the fourth loop, and I dogged it off at a "marathon", give or take.

All in all, the Tailwind worked fine. I never really had any low spots, and I never even thought about a cramp. On a hilly course like that, I will almost always get some cramps around 15 miles in that I can usually manage. But that never happened on this day. I did find myself getting a little hungry after about 4 hours, so I think that I need to up the caloric intake to around 250 calories per hour and see how that goes on the next long run.

I continue to be impressed by Tailwind. Thanks for reading.
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