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10/7/2012: Last Minute Bowhunt

Posted October 15th, 2012 at 10:33 PM by Skewerer
Updated October 16th, 2012 at 10:07 AM by Skewerer

After spending the previous day at the Potluck squirrel camp, I had some honey-dos to attend to around the house and church on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon, I was finally able to break free and head for Glendora.

My plan was to scout a productive deer funnel that carries deer traffic from a nice grove of oak trees to a cut corn field. Last year a giant buck was shot by a lady at our camp in the same area (see "Praying for Gorbachev", April BBM), and the deer won the Simmons big buck contest for the Women's division.

I set out on foot with my Lone Wolf lockon strapped to my back. I must have covered a mile or more, but I wasn't finding the feeding sign that I hoped I'd find. Eventually, I set up on the edge of a bedding thicket where several different edges all intersected at one location. I could see some feeding activity, and figured it'd be as good as anywhere.

After hanging my stand, I looked at my phone and couldn't believe it was already after 5:15pm. I hauled tail back to the camp, threw on my camo pants, grabbed my bow and my pack and headed back out.

I didn't want to hunt the stand I'd just hung because I felt I may have made too much noise in the process of hanging it, so I went to a lockon stand that we have positioned at the edge of a small food plot.

Looking at my phone's clock after getting settled in, it was just after 6 p.m. "Better late than never," I thought.

Fifteen minutes after getting settled in, I had 2 does and 2 fawns come out of some CRP en route to the feeder. I drew my bow and waited for one of the does to make a wrong move, but she never presented the shot I wanted. The deer were acting nervous as the wind was unsettled, and they eventually moved away from me.

After watching them leave, I heard what I thought was a buck rubbing his antlers on a sapling. I was almost 100% positive that my ears were not playing tricks on me, and I resolved to pass on a doe if another one came in.

Sure enough, a few minutes later the same doe group returned..only this time they had a small 3 point in tow. They fed for a few more minutes before turning to leave for good.

With darkness fast approaching, I figured my hunt was pretty much over. However, I heard a couple of twigs snap in the direction of the CRP, and I just knew that a buck was on his way. Looking through my binoculars, I saw a flash of white as the buck passed through a small opening while veering in my direction.

After a couple of anxious minutes, he popped onto the scene, appearing in the food plot at 20 yards. I grabbed my bow and readied myself. His horns were wide, and his main beams were long. With 8 points and a small kicker trying to be his 9th point, he had impressive headgear to say the least. But as I studied his body, it was clear that the deer had not yet reached full maturity. He was 3 1/2; he needed another year.

Right behind the larger buck was a 2.5 year old 7 point that hung up at the edge of the food plot sniffing the air cautiously. The 3.5 year old didn't have a care in the world, and I watched him make a scrape only 12 yards from my tree. Cool!

I reached for my camera while watching the show with hopes of documenting the display of dominance, but the younger buck managed to pick me off when I made the movement. Snorting loudly, the buck vacated the area and took the bigger buck with him.

I have to say that passing that deer was not easy. Especially considering that I went buckless last year. But I'd rather a kid or someone else that would get more satisfaction out of killing the deer to kill him than me. I know there are some sure enough studs walking my hunting property; I just have to put myself within bow range and make it happen.

See you next year Mr. 3.5 year old!
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  1. Old Comment
    Black Spurs's Avatar
    That makes me want to break out my bow again, maybe next year.
    Posted October 16th, 2012 at 09:17 AM by Black Spurs Black Spurs is offline

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