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update 11/5/2013

Posted November 5th, 2013 at 04:42 PM by mnormand
Updated November 6th, 2013 at 09:31 AM by mnormand

I sit here at work during not so busy times and think about what more can I do right now. Weíre smack in the middle of bow season, gun season still a few weeks away. The exact time we wait all year, the few weeks of late Oct early Nov hunting with oaks dropping, leaves changing, better day and night temps. Some of the deer are on to us now, tiny smells that we leave in the woods are a big deal for an experienced deer. The first week of the season it didnít matter.

The list I keep of hunting ďto-doísĒ seems to never end, and it shouldnít. The years of hunting should contain new challenges and changes that keep us always trying to improve and outwit. For most of us, Iím sure going to one stand and scenery would get old quick. After this past Saturday and Sunday morning of no sightings from the stands, I made some long walks Sunday afternoon looking for new sign and sets. Found two different new scrape lines. One was close enough to the truck that I should have gone back and set up a camera, and I didnít. Man I regret that now, could be capturing pics all this week!

I have some other items to mod/fix/improve. My old trusty API Bowhunter climber needs some attention. Last year I added the Third Arm stabilizer straps. Turns out I really donít need them for a variety of reasons. They may be a very good deal for those newer climber owners. But for now the metal clamp is making too many light clinks, especially in the dark when unpacking, etc. No matter how careful I am, one clink is too many. So I pulled the short clamp strap, but keeping the long straps to help tie upper and lower together while packing. Also I added their bow holder. Turns out I donít really need this either. If making long packs on public land I would never use this, way too much potential for catching brush. On a lease with easy packs, not a big deal. But I always have a tree strap with 4 hooks, and if the bow is not in my hands as usual, itís on that hook. And like most, always use a pull rope for bow up/down. Letting the bow ride in the holder while climbing up/down like the ad is not as practical as it seems.

I bought some new flashlights for this year. Fenix PD32 U/E and Fenix HP25 headlight. Extremely pleased with both. The first is much better for blood trailing with its softer light. And the headlight will really light up the woods when needed. Both have many hi low settings as needed. 5 stars on both.

On the long walk Sunday I cut through one piece of big woods that is a huge acorn flat. Way too much ground to attempt to isolate a bowstand. But I plan to bring in a popup blind for gun hunts when Iíll bring my wife and/or college daughter. It would be a perfect place to view wildlife at longer distances. Great area to catch a buck cruising because you can see so far in 360 surround. Beautiful old growth hardwoods, just takes your breath away. I really need to squirrel hunt this next year.

My tradbow quiver almost came apart this weekend, need to fix that. Kinda getting tired of this strap on Great Northern quiver, it doesnít quite fit the recurve or the longbow like I want. Always take it off while in the stand, and gets a little goofy trying to put it back on in darkness. It sure is hard to beat the old Quickee Quivers for simplicity and quick on/off. Iím pretty close to ordering brass inserts and drilling/mounting on my recurve, and installing the QQ bracket. I have the Bohning Lynx quiver on the compound, similar mounts, but better. Will recon that to see if applicable to recurve inserts.

Just ordered the Insane Archery cradle for the Kodak ZX3 HD bowmount cam. Little item they came out with to better hold camera to mount. BB member Bowhuntr74 put me on to this, somehow I missed it before. Currently I have the Kodak, GoPro Silver, Sony Handicam, and Iphone5s for vids. All have their strong points. Plan is always to have the 1st three cams going live for kill shots, but Lord its hard to get all that going without getting busted, LOL. Will just do the best I can depending on circumstances.

All for now, hope to keep this updated from time to time.
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    Black Spurs's Avatar
    It is hard to beat a Fenix light: dependable, durable, bright, long life.
    Posted November 6th, 2013 at 08:29 AM by Black Spurs Black Spurs is offline

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