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Customer hunting Success Story

Posted September 29th, 2011 at 09:03 PM by VaporTrailScents

The 2011 OR, Elk bow season was absolutely amazing this year. Do to the hot dry conditions the elk were really keying on water and wallows more than usual this year. This year I called in 16 bulls to under 60 yards, resulting in 7 shot opportunities. Finally scoring on this beautiful 6x6 bull on the morning of the last day of our season. This was a textbook calling set up, less then ten minuets from locate to shot. Located the bull down in a creek bottom at daylight, sprayed down using The Vapor Maker with vapor trail scents 33 pt buck cover scent, grabbed my pack and bow and ran down an old sidder road in the jack pines to the creek bottom and moved up checking the bull with cow calls. This bull was hot, he was cutting me off before I could even get the second cow call out, and he was getting closer. Time to set up, and range my shooting lanes. He was belloweening and growling as he closed the distance,tree limbs where snapping as he maneuvered his horns throw dead trees limbs. It sounded as if their was a D-6 cat pushing it's way towards me, I nocked and arrow and adjusted my footing for the shot. I saw his horns first and he was moving fast, his body pasted throw my 55 yard lane first,as he went behind some trees I drew my new HOYT Element back, and Steadied for the shot. As he entered my best shooting lane I cow called once, twice, the bull couldn't here me he was making to much noise himself. At full draw I took two steps to the left to give me one last lane to shoot throw before the bull was gone into the dense trees. I called one last time to no avail, now or never, with the bull still moving I squeeze the trigger on my release and the arrow was off to it's mark. At 44 yards, the arrow hit the bull in the shoulder low and angling up as he moved. My Element had driven my arrow completely throw both shoulders as the bull bolted from my arrows impact, I bugled to stop him then cow called some more, their was silence in the woods. I then heard him collapse in the the brush to my right in less than a miniute, he was down. The bull only made it fifty yards, for my shuttle-T broad head had done it's job well. As I took hold of his horns and went to my knees I thanked God for this wonderful opportunity to harvest suck a magnificent animal, tears ran down my face in remembrance of my father and best Freind and hunting partner who had both past in the previous year, for I know they were both smiling at that moment. Like to thank all the manufactures for the gear I use, it is simply the finest money can buy.
Vapor trails scents- for a cover scent that hides u even when the wind is at ur back. Several bulls should have blown out this year when the wind switched like it always does right when ur closing the deal but they didn't and keep playing the game. I attribute this to spraying down using The Vapor Maker with 33pt buck before every hunt.
IF YOU SPRAY IT THEY WILL COME. The Vapor Maker and 33 pt. Buck are available at
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  1. Old Comment
    love the story and the pic - good stuff!
    Posted October 9th, 2011 at 11:35 PM by Jim Jim is offline

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