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Old 1 Week Ago
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Originally Posted by Lamplighter View Post
Roger that. Forgot bout Bude. Okissa Lake.
That Exxon in Summit is my pit stop.
We usually stop at that station with the subway in it right off 55 coming on to 98.
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Old 1 Week Ago
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Thats it. F the shawn mart across the street. I almost threw a sack of corn at that sassy beech. Unmarked sack. i asked her if it was corn. Sign said pet food. Beech says you cant read ?

They just bout threw me out.
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Old 1 Week Ago
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I've looked at the videos on how to cape one out for OOS transport. It doesn't seem bad except by the eyes. I also travel through there as you do. First I've got to kill one worth the effort to cape out that way. I also understand that the skull plate needs to be boiled.

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Old 4 Days Ago
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Louisiana isn't on the list for CWD, so you can transport through Mississippi.... but on March 1st, Louisiana also implemented the same law Mississippi implemented

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Old 2 Days Ago
257WBY 257WBY is offline
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If this is a serious issue, why are high fences for deer still legal?
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Old 1 Day Ago
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Originally Posted by 257WBY View Post
If this is a serious issue, why are high fences for deer still legal?
The fence is to keep wild deer out of the owners private herd

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