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Old November 13th, 2017
Orion Orion is offline
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Default Touchdown #2 - Orion - Yancey Recurve Action

1. Date killed – 11/10/2017
2. LDWF Deer Area AND Parish (if in Louisiana) or state (if not Louisiana), - area 1 - Concordia Parish - LA
3. Weapon used – Martin 70lb hatfield recurve
4. Description of the animal - 80 lb doe
5. Points Awarded* -
6. Story of how the animal was killed (must be 75 words or more)

Wow, what another adventure filled weekend in the books! It started with a tough 50k last Thursday. I’ll add my post to the end. I only got a little bit sleep but woke focused on getting to that spot with the Devil buck with my recurve. As soon as I climbed up an atv with a squirrel hunter fires up down the trail a lil ways upwind of me. I had just lifted my bow and quiver with my hunting bag still on the ground when I heard an animal approaching probably spooked up by the atv maybe. A lone doe slowly creeps through the perfect deer trail that I had hoped they’d pass. Martin 70lb takedown slung my 750 grain piledriver 450 tipped with a 190 grain tree shark perfectly and I soon hear her crash. The glow in the dark paint on the back of my blades that I used to aim really helped with my gap shooting. Another deer ran through the brush out of site and I believe I saw a glimpse of small antlers but wasn’t completely sure. Give me that doe with my trad bow over a buck with another weapon any day of the week! I was so excited I couldn’t even sit in the climber for nearly an hour doing shadow boxing feeling like a CHAMP! It was a cold morning and I had shasseh waiting already in the rental car, but didn’t want to make noise climbing down so I stayed a couple more hours. I went hiking a while to make sure I gave the deer plenty of time to be cautious even though she died really quickly it appeared. I had a good blood trail to follow, but Shasseh found my doe right where I heard her crash out of site about 75 yards from the shot. It was about 80lbs so a delicious young one. Wow was that a rush to get my 5th ever trad deer on public land. I was tired as could be but after cleaning her up and packing out the meat and head got loads of energy for an evening hunt. I’ll post that story on my next thread. Shasseh rode on top the deer head and meat in the rental one proud pup! I brought her along so she could get some rock road miles in on the way in and out from the hunt to prepare for our 50 mile race. She covered over 13 miles @ 20-30mph which was nothing for her! Back at the camp later in the weekend I stupidly showed off for dago shooting my recurve and shot 4 times and got 3 broadheads stuck together in the target and an arrow got destroyed, oh well. Also shot my 44 mag primitive pistol to prepare for the coming gun days soon, and its shooting great at 20 and 45yds. I just love using these challenging weapons and can't wait for more trad action this coming weekend!

I’ll post on Saturday’s experience in the next thread on hog action with the compound stalking.

I recurve hunted Sunday morning for a short while, but the wind was wrong so went stalking all morning. I jumped 1 hog, 2 solo deer and seen something I couldn’t never even had imagined. I was walking through the woods quickly when suddenly it sounded like a tree was falling. It was a giant 300 plus pound bear literally falling down a tree taking branches and vines with him along the way. After sliding down at a near falling pace he powerfully lept from the tree to the ground as he neared the bottom and took off sprinting full throttle around 30 plus mph. It was an athletic performance that was truly mindblowing. I’ve seen many bears, but nothing like that spectacle. I tried to video it but doubt my camera turned on in time. I now know why fawns have ZERO chance against such a creature and glad they are usually scared of humans though of course I was hoping it would come my direction for some video : )

No luck on my short sit with the recurve Sunday evening. With all the weekend’s hiking covered 100 miles by foot in the last 4.5 days after grinding out a nice 17 miler this morning on the treadmill @ 7:03 pace.

Thursday’s training post for anyone who wants to some motivation:
Just pulling up to Cougar's Mead ready for another day of post ultra hunting/hiking on beat up legs, details from the days grind: Crazy 50k of running today in 3:54 with 3 speed sessions mixed in it. Dancing with big rouge is always a great warmup and post run stretch with him but shasseh passed out on the couch as soon as we finished. Started on treadmill and was gonna do 31 miles as planned but the darn thing froze and stopped after 7.2 miles @ 6:40 mile pace, legs were not fresh so decided to put the 50k on hold until Monday but 2 hours after joined Lee Babin on a whim for his hard on/off Indian speed session with the dogs on the road to get a few more miles. one interval smashed the groups record Peltier park Strava segment in 2:03! After Lee left went straight into 18 more miles mostly off road with the dogs. Was just gonna settle for 3 more miles at in 22 min but then thought screw it gonna get 15 more in under 2 hours off road and barely made it. Had No water from mile 7-26 but was finally getting low on energy so downed a half a can of peaches and 8 oz of water and did a progression final 5 miles 7:47, 7:41, 7:23, 7:33 (against wind) 6:59 to crack 2 hours! My silverback socks are so comfy. New balance 1500 v3s on the mill then altra torins for the rest. Wouldn't have gotten my daily 50k goal with Lee's help!
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Last edited by Orion; November 13th, 2017 at 05:51 PM.
Old November 13th, 2017
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Congrats on the doe!
Old November 13th, 2017
Maxxed Maxxed is offline
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Sounds like a good time in the woods! Congrats on getting that doe the hard way. Keep up the intensity brother!
Old November 14th, 2017
Bayou Beast Bayou Beast is offline
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Great Job . Congrats
Old November 14th, 2017
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Great shot! Congrats!
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Old November 14th, 2017
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Congrats. Nice trad kill

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