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Old December 6th, 2017
Orion Orion is offline
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Backstrap Bloodhounds
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Default TD#3 Hog Death#39 Orion - backflip & wrestle

1. Date killed – 12/2/2017
2. LDWF Deer Area AND Parish (if in Louisiana) or state (if not Louisiana), - area 1 - Concordia Parish - LA
3. Weapon used – 44 mag primitive pistol for doe, 460s&w encore with 454 casull round for hog
4. Description of the animal - 125lb doe, 225lb black boar
5. Points Awarded* -
6. Story of how the animal was killed (must be 75 words or more)

How high can a deer vertically jump? can they do backflips? watch the video and find out. Also including me busting my *** dragging a huge hog, me wrestling a deer, just another normal weekend of embracing the being an Apex Predator and doing things the hard way on Louisiana public land! Would have volume on much of the footage but had harddrive issues today and don't have the right codec to work with sony 4k footage yet. This is just a rough draft. Hit the HD button to see everything more clearly.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Wow what a weekend. I was supposed to be resting up for my 100 mile race next Saturday, but adventure was calling! Most people take it easy for 2-3 weeks before such a run, but not me! I covered 40 miles in 3 days and was worn out from all the meat hauling, but still ready to go show them skinny boys how hard public land hunting shapes a man until an unstoppable force.
We hunted Bayou Cocodrie on the 3 day primitive season and had a great time. I would’ve liked to tote in the recurve bow, but archery season was closed so I focused on getting my 3rd deer with my primitive 44 mag contender pistol.

Last weekend I busted my butt…literally dragging out the 300lb hog carcass from my hunting area and that hard work paid off for me. The cord tied to the back legs popped as I was pulling her all on video. It was quite the workout.

On Friday, I hunted that area and heard deer sneak through just out of site, so moved my climber into that thicker area for the next day. That evening I put my wife on the ground at my best location and went to a more open spot. I watched some does feed out of pistol range on my hunt. She shot twice, and I was so excited to see what she downed. When I got there found out she missed at a nice racked buck. Minutes later she shot what she thought was a doe. However, she forgot to use the tree or stand like I demonstrated to have a stable rest and just took free-handed shots at 50 yards with buck-fever taking ahold. I found just a few small drops of blood, then nothing after searching the area a while busting through palmettos.

I told her I’d look the next day and we started walking out. About 600 yards later, I suddenly spot a curled up spike just 4 yards away from me. I was pretty sure this was her deer, so I handed her the camera and grabbed my knife. My blade was slightly dull, and the back end was loose and half broken. I just decided to hand her the knife hoping to hold down the deer, so she could stab it or hand me the knife. I would’ve backed out, but with no clue of the shot placement, and with our scent so close that the deer, figured it would leave during the night to never be found. I figured ethically I should put the wounded deer down as quickly as possible. Little did I know, the deer had been most likely not mortally-wounded and had complete use of all 4 limbs and head!

My buddies have finished off and drowned a few, and I’ve slit the throats of 3 before but they were spine or upper shoulder shot but those deer weren’t at full force.

I crept the last few yards as the deer slept or pretended to then swan dove. The plan went as hoped, until the deer woke up. It started to super-speed kick me about 30 times in the 5 seconds. I asked my wife to bring me the knife determined to not let her buck get away, but as I was positioning to be able to grab it from her the deer wiggled it back legs loose. I didn’t have enough body position on the rear of the deer. It jogged off like nothing had happened while my wife was saying “oh no my deer’s getting away.”

I got busted up pretty bad and had a bunch of small cuts and scrapes along with a swollen hand, but it was an unforgettable experience that’ll I’ll always remember. I stood there motionless for several minutes just in awe of the whole ordeal and accessing all my wounds. Still I was bummed about my wife losing her deer and missing on her first good chance at a racked buck after hunting with on public land for 5 years.

The next morning I hiked nearly 3 miles deep to where the deer snuck through the previous morning. At 8:15 here one comes. I grabbed my pistol, but it was 60 yards and in too thick of palmettos for a shot. Pistol hunting with a monopod is harder than compound bow hunting imo and it takes a lot to line up a good well rested shot, but the more challenging the hunt the more fun to me.

A short while later here 2 more does come. This time they take the path I want from unwind heading to a nuttall where I could tell they’ve been feeding. It’s crazy how they slip through those palmettos so quietly. The 1st one came into the opening 16 yards away, but the one behind her was bigger. That one stopped 20 yards quartering forward. I put the red dot right on the front of the shoulder using my Primos triggerstick monopod with a tennis ball at the bottom for a stable rest and squeezed off my 44 mag.

How high a deer can vertical jump? Watch the video and find out. The bullet made the deer do a complete backflip. It was unbelievable to witness. She entered the palmettos and suddenly everything stopped. I didn’t hear a crash and was confused if she died or what.

After 30 minutes I climbed down to track. They had blood everywhere and suddenly while busting through the tangle of vines, palmettos and briar, I stumble on my 125lb doe stuck in a cluster of small trees off of the ground. It was an unbelievable find to see her airborne with a huge puddle of blood uner her! The big copper expander bullet went straight through the heart and lodged fully expanded on the opposite hide at the back of the shoulder after breaking the shoulder. I lost practically no meat and the meat had zero lead particles in it!

Then, I went back to get my gear look for her lost buck. Never found any sign of him, but searched all the ground near where I jumped on him. At the spot we saw him bedded, I found a few cut clusters of long white hairs and a few drops of blood which may or may not been my own blood! I’m guessing she made a low shot because she often jerks low on free handed shots.

However I did hear the thicket I was searching come to life. A big black muddy hog moved through 5 yards away. I hooked around the thicket line and before long the hog moved through, but as I watched the thicket shaking violently as it walked away without giving me a shot. Suddenly, the shaking stopped, and I see it cutting across the swamp, but only had a few quick openings. I squeezed off a round of 454 casull from the 460 TC encore and drilled the pig @ 70yds. It ran off and crashed.

Later, I set up my wife a little further than where she shot her buck and went to go to pack out my pork meat. Laura had no action that evening, but I had a backpack full of pork to haul out 3 miles. It was one amazing day covering 18 miles carting out a deer and filling my icechest with quality game meat.

The big 225lb pig had ran 40 yards with zero blood from a perfect heart shot. With the muddy hide I couldn’t even see where the bullet entered. I found the bullet on the opposite side of the hide with 2 huge silver dollar sized wounds through each shoulder completely breaking both. However the entrance through the thick shoulder plate was completely closed by the plate. With the 250 grain copper expander zero meat was lost or poisoned.

The next day I hunted the hard hills of Sonny Gilbert WMA, but had no luck. Now I gear up and try my best to rest up for my race this Saturday, but cannot wait to go hunt immediately after running 100 miles like I do after all my marathons and ultra-marathons. Impossible feats and staying on the mission is what I love most!

I still feel really bad about losing my wife's deer and hope it lives which I have a good feeling it will. My wife and I will be back to that area soon with my bow and know exactly what the little guy looks like with one crooked horn.
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Old December 6th, 2017
Orion Orion is offline
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few more pics
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Old December 6th, 2017
Orion Orion is offline
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Backstrap Bloodhounds
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Posts: 1,747

my friend's hog with huge tusks, the cuts and bruises looked much worse the 2nd day but a friend broke his arm putting down a deer so all in all I was fortunate to only get roughed up slightly. I really wish I would've had a bigger stronger knife because I would've easily had her deer or I could've help it longer with a buddy there to stab it for sure.
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Old December 6th, 2017
Maxxed Maxxed is offline
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Congrats! Sounds like another good weekend. You gotta want it!
Old December 6th, 2017
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You play hard! Way to go Superman; watch out for kryptonite with them Wild Animals.

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Old December 7th, 2017
Bayou Beast Bayou Beast is offline
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Thumbs up

Nice Job. Congrats
Old December 7th, 2017
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You should have done a JUMP-THRUST with the knife!!

I guess shooting it a 2nd time was out of the question because the video was at night.
Old December 7th, 2017
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That's exactly why I always carry ninja stars!
Old December 7th, 2017
Orion Orion is offline
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Originally Posted by reggoh View Post
You should have done a JUMP-THRUST with the knife!!

I guess shooting it a 2nd time was out of the question because the video was at night.
Yes I would've done the jump-thrust but I would've needed a better knife. That darn havalon blade is so thin and falls off easily. I would've felt horrible if I had gave it one small 4 inch stab and it ran off to suffer with a not deep enough wound, but really thought the knife wouldn't even go in since it was a dulled up blade. I had a new fresh blade in my bag and used the old blade on the boar's hide the next day then put a fresh one to debone it to give longer life to the new blade.

So in the video it shows me recessing the situation and tossing my wife the knife. I figured if I could hold down the wounded animal my wife would have the best chance to finish off the neck or get multiple stabs in for a quick death.

Being as the deer ran off and hopefully did not die, I'm very happy with the outcome. My friend was actually hunting less than 100yds from where the deer layed so looking at first light would've messed him up. They had so many scenarios running through my mind with only a split second to decide. As usual I went with the tougher more fun method but also a way to quickly put down any animal from suffering.

Yes, no guns can be shot after hours.

When I get a new adobe that works with the sony 4k audio it will sound much better and I forgot to add the part where we see the deer running off. No time for all kinds of edit work this week so its just a rough draft of the video. Yesterday I was in the process of backing up my external harddrive when it crashed and said corrupted. I was freaking out, but with the help of my running friend who's a computer tech wizz he helped me figure it out after all kinds of complicated stuff had him even confused and we had to use 3 different computers to fix it. Still, it was 5 hours of **** thinking I lost everything.
Old December 7th, 2017
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Got to have a good knife. My and my step brother jumped on a wounded spike when we were 17. Big mistake lol

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