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Predator Hunting Gators, Coyotes, Foxes, Bobcats, & More

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Old September 22nd, 2012
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Originally Posted by jffb View Post
I use to trap them,and the Yote is by far the hardest to catch than a Bobcat, & Fox.Scent free is number 1 thing to remember and I mean scent free.I used steel traps rubbed in ashes from a fire.Use rubber gloves and preferbly hip boots if you have em or rubber boots.Nail the chain on the trap with fence post staples to a log like a piece of heavy firewood about 2 ft. long.Next find a flat place and dig a hole with a garden or flower trowel small shovel.Dig the hole just big enough to set the trap in with a 1 in space around it and about 4 in deep or leaving yourself about 2 in below ground surface.I always would use a piece of rabbit fur and lay in the bottom of the hole first then lay the trap on top level as possible.Then take a piece cheese cloth cut the dia. of the jaws and lay on top of the trap.Try to find some good dry dirt from the same area and I use to use one of those old flour sifters and sift the dirt over the trap and cheese cl. very careful like.You want the dirt fine almost like flour.Cover the entire trap but leave the hole a little below natural ground level just a little.Its makes them think some hid it there.Make sure everything you touch is scent free.You'll catch the dumbs ones first.I have seen them take there paw and scratch all the way around the trap without ever setting it off if they think something is up.He want get to far dragging the trap.But I know you said your in a neighbor hood so warn them if you can to the dogs put up.Sounds like alot of work but if you want to catch wiley coyote you have to be smarter than him.Good Luck
think u oughta post a whole thread on trapping yotes.differant methods allowed and such.ive noticed on my lease and have heard from others that the yotes made a tremendous increase after gustav.which in turn hurts the wildlife populations.deer sightings are down and carcasses im ready to do whatever.even had em running into the camping area.
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Old September 25th, 2012
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I've been told that the best bait for yotes is old chicken. Get some leg 1/4's and let them spoil for a few days then did a fairly shallow hole and bury it. From what I hear they can smell it from quite a distance and will dig all night to get at it. If you could pinpoint the place where they are coming into your yard you create some sort of fennel and snare them. I've snared them in the woods behind my house on well used trails but they won't go near the cage traps.
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Old September 25th, 2012
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Anyone tried a dead rabbit?

Lets get ready to rumble!
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Old September 25th, 2012
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Originally Posted by guitar_playn_guru View Post
Anyone tried a dead rabbit?

Lets get ready to rumble!
I've caught my biggest yote ever 2 yrs ago with a dead rabbit. There was an old propane tank on this particular farm I was trapping. I dug a hole about 6" wide and went about 2 feet under the tank put rabbit at back if hole. I Placed trap at base of hole, thus is a version of a cubby set.Click image for larger version

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