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Horn Stars 00: Ain't got no luv for dem does.

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Old January 29th, 2019
Maxxed Maxxed is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Slidell
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Default Hog Death #1

The water level in the pearl has finally dropped low enough to make a hunt. I loaded up the kayak and started to head to my deer spot. I knew it was going to be a bit wet in there, but I thought I could get away with my mud boots, wrong. I shouldíve brought my waders and hope to on my last hunt tomorrow is the last day of the season. Being a bit disappointed with my first attempt to get in the woods I headed north in the wma to get to some higher ground. I was hoping for some meat and the quickest way to do that in the pearl is chasing hogs. I check the wind and figure out where I need to enter. Again I went with my mud boots, wrong. About 300 yards down the trail I branch off into the woods. Roughly 30 yards later Iím meet with an impassible stretch of flooded woods. I crept my way along hoping for a shorter crossing. As I do I catch site of a tasty looking piglet. About that time mama hears me and they dart off into the woods splashing as they go. I grunt at the pigs as they were fleeing and hoping they would calm down. It did the trick. They stop and I wait and listen. After a few minutes the low grunts resume and I can tell there are a lot of pigs just over this stretch of flooded woods. Just under 15 minutes after they spooked a big sow comes back out to the water edge. I pick my hole as sheís cruising through and put the 22 mag under her ear. She drops in her tracks. She started kicking and spinning but was not getting up so as she spun around and faced me I put one more between the eyes and sheís done. Now for the fun part getting her back across with out flooding my boots with the frigid water. Luckily I live close and I was hunting for literally 20-25 minutes before I shot. I run home and grab the small kayak so I can drag it through the woods. I get back and paddle across and am surprised at how big she is. I really only got a good look at her through my scope. I put her in the kayak and tried to sit on her, quickly realizing we have exceeded this yaks capabilities. I ended up floating her behind the yak. I take her up the road to where they have a hose and get set up. I toss a rope up over a limb and do my best to lift her on the gambrel. With her weight and the friction of the limb Iíve only got her half off the ground. I start to work on her and a wildlife officer stops by. He looked as excited as I did. Great guy that helped me skin and butcher that sow. It was much appreciated and needed being a less experienced game cleaner. Unfortunately I didnít remember to snap a picture of me and the hog until it was too late but I still got meat!!
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Old January 29th, 2019
Orion Orion is offline
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Pumped you got one, great adventure in the yak. Congrats. I grunted at one to get to get some to stop for this weekend as well. Ill have that story up soon. I got that same exact mini yak. I once floated out 2 pigs on it. Its weight capacity is horrible but always gets the job done. It does great for sledding out game though

Last edited by Orion; January 30th, 2019 at 10:32 AM.
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Old January 29th, 2019
Coota Killa's Avatar
Coota Killa Coota Killa is offline
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Horn Stars
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Location: Broussard
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Congrats on the hog buddy!
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Old January 29th, 2019
buckedup's Avatar
buckedup buckedup is offline
Executive Member
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: raceland la
Posts: 1,055

Great job and good news for you. The season with the 22 mag goes until the end of February. Go get you some more. I love a neck shot with the 22 mag. Bigger target area and easier on a moving target. No human has killed more than Orion but I have taken my share. Try that neck shot if itís all you got. A couple more under the chin while they kick is cheap insurance.
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Old January 29th, 2019
Maxxed Maxxed is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Slidell
Posts: 305

Thanks fellas! It's good to finally get some meat in the fridge. I ran out of redfish months ago. Conditions are perfect for hogs right now with the receding water and cold temps. I'll be out there again tomorrow looking for more.
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Old February 7th, 2019
Lyle Savant Lyle Savant is offline
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Thumbs up

That hog was surfin! Way to go man.
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