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Kisatchie National Forest 604,000 Acres

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Old July 12th, 2010
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I thought the same thing Coonass685. There are other people in the woods hunting other things while bowhunters are perched in trees waiting in the shadows. Oftentimes, people forget about, or don't know about/think about the possibility of someone else being present in the woods at the same time but doing some totally different activity. All sorts of things happen on WMAs throughout the year. You could spook a bird watcher of all things who may happen to be carrying a pistol for protection from lions, tigers, and bears (oh my). He may not have given one iota of thought about the possibility of bow hunters being in the woods at the same time as him...may not even realize it's hunting season yet. And we all know that some people get down-right jumpy in the woods. If he comes across a head-to-toe camoed bow hunter, his mind may play tricks on him and cause a hasty response (because he never expected another person, just animals). I saw a guy in Red River last year who looked like he was going to shoot the first glimpse of movement...scary. I wear my orange unless I'm up a tree, and even then I wrap my vest around the tree trunk facing downwind to stand out to approaching hunters. I see at least one deer every trip. The orange has yet to mess a hunt up for me, and it's gonna keep me going home to my family too...unless she leaves me because I hunt too much, haha.
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Old July 13th, 2010
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I don't get the big deal with people not wanting to wear orange. I always have on an orange cap at the very least, even while hunting in the stand whether it be my climber, a ladder or a box stand. As soon as I'm ready to get down from the stand, I put on my orange vest. The only reason I do this is because you never know what kind of idiot you're gonna run into or what kind of idiot will run into you. Also, it's not like a deer will run away from your stand because you have an orange hat on. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've read that orange is just a shade of gray to a deer.
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Old July 13th, 2010
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The reason I do not like the idea of wearing my orange when bow hunting is that the dam squirrels pick off every lil movement I make and alert all the deer in my area But, I must say ANYTIME I am bow hunting Public land my orange might not be on me but it is definitly wrapped around a limb near me I got peppered in Thistlewaite by some squirrel hunters already and don't want to have that happen again....
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