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Old September 16th, 2014
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Default Bayou Bucks Fantasy Football Week 2 Recap!

Bo Knos Bo Creeps By Jason's Team

Bo Knos Bo took advantage of 37.00 points from the Arizona Cardinals Defense and 30.88 from Andrew Luck to edge Jason's Team 136.13 to 135.11. This was extremely close, with the 1.02-point margin of victory being the smallest recorded in the league this season. Jason's Team was led by the tag team of LeSean McCoy, with 30.20 points, and the New York Giants Defense, who scored 25.00. Bo Knos Bo (2-0, 313.38 points) shifts into fourth place while Jason's Team (0-2, 244.77 points) winds up in 11th place.

Shubuta Snipers Beats Jerry Ricecake

Shubuta Snipers took advantage of 40.55 points from DeMarco Murray and 20.03 from Drew Brees to beat Jerry Ricecake 123.78 to 114.57. Both sides fell short of expectations, but Shubuta Snipers secured the win with just 74.5% of their projected points (166.13). Jerry Ricecake was led by the tag team of the Detroit Lions Defense, with 28.00 points, and Colin Kaepernick, who scored 20.02. The outcome could have gone the other way, Jerry Ricecake had a starter score zero points (A.J. Green). Shubuta Snipers (1-1, 234.50 points) shifts into eighth place while Jerry Ricecake (0-2, 224.84 points) goes to last place.

A texas *** whoopin Humiliates Sandlot Legends, Makes Early-Season Statement

A texas *** whoopin put on a show in this matchup, registering the highest score of the season to destroy Sandlot Legends 234.84 to 109.89. There is the good, the bad, the ugly, and then there is this. The 124.95-point margin of victory is the highest in the league this season. Nick Foles led Sandlot Legends with 29.69 points while the St. Louis Rams Defense brought in 28.00. A texas *** whoopin (2-0, 367.65 points) moves into second place and Sandlot Legends (0-2, 245.77 points) goes to 10th place.

Pigskin Playboys Gets Victory over TD's & Beer

Delanie Walker registered 34.95 points, an upgrade on the projected 9.24, as Pigskin Playboys got past TD's & Beer 174.88 to 132.69. Pigskin Playboys met expectations and scored 5.0% more than their projected 166.49 points, while TD's & Beer did not meet to their projections and scored only 81.7% of a projected 162.47. Free fallin' like Tom Petty, TD's & Beer suffered a significant drop in scoring from last week's 218.86 to 214.29 loss against Snotbubbles. Adding insult to injury, TD's & Beer had a starter score zero points (Marques Colston). TD's & Beer (0-2, 346.98 points) goes to ninth place while Pigskin Playboys (2-0, 340.94 points) remains in third place.

FrenchFriedTaters Puts the Sting on scott's Team, Delivers an Early-Season Message

FrenchFriedTaters logged the second-highest point total in the league this week and beat scott's Team like a rented mule 191.53 to 119.14. This is the kind of beatdown the grandchildren will hear about. The 72.39-point margin of victory was the second-highest recorded in the league this season. Jordy Nelson brought in the third-highest score this week with 55.90 points for scott's Team. To make matters worse, scott's Team had a starter score zero points (Doug Martin). FrenchFriedTaters (1-1, 330.42 points) shifts into fifth place while scott's Team (1-1, 277.51 points) winds up in seventh place.

Snotbubbles Picks Up Win Against Team SplitYoWig

Snotbubbles got two of the top 10 player performances from the Carolina Panthers Defense (42.00) and Jay Cutler (41.54) to beat Team SplitYoWig 190.84 to 150.52. Snotbubbles beat expectations and scored 18.6% more than their projected 160.95 points, while Team SplitYoWig fell just short of projections and got 91.7% of a projected 164.20. Jimmy Graham led Team SplitYoWig with 33.80 points while Percy Harvin brought in 23.55. Team SplitYoWig (1-1, 315.25 points) goes to sixth place and Snotbubbles (2-0, 409.70 points) remains in first place.

Great Week guys, stay focused, and stay active!
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