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Turkey Hunting The Most Challenging Game

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Old May 3rd, 2019
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All of this activity, including this kid phillip, is a result of poor guidance growing up. Single parent family, lack of instilling respect, 2 parent family but trouble in the household, removing all obsticales from kid so he / she does not have to encounter it ( catches up to him/her later ) , my kid can’t be at fault, instead of “ Johnny did you do that? Ima buss u ... “ They grow up with going on defense as an instinct ( action not requiring thought ) . Example :
Traffic accident- guarantee they exit vehicle with instant defense, rather than say, “ yeah, i mighta f’ ed up. Automatic defense. Grandma on the news “ my child a good child, he could’na did dat .”

Same with the litter. I always spoke up about this. Who does this ? Did they give up on life ? What does their living room look like ? Do these peeps rub boogas under the table at Applebee’s ?

Respect for senority at a job, you must earn your right to join in. Put your time in. Oh i could go on in depth on human behavior, and sociological trends.
Philip sees day by day instant time, not what drives these individuals. That is why when he sees my well explained behavioral trends, instead of saying “ well, yeah i might have started out on this thread or the other similar one, making fun of overweight people, instead goes on instant defense. These individuals will quickly sit up straighter in the computer desk chair, truck seat, etc, and pull that keyboard closer “ ima get this f Lamp now “
Far better to self examine, “ yeah, i might have been out of line some ...
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Old May 5th, 2019
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Originally Posted by flystraight View Post
Don't understand what all the fuss is all about driving down roads that's what they're made for. To drive on to get to hunting areas which are off the road like in the woods. Roads are not made to hunt on , they are made to drive on.
We saw a guy yesterday parked on the road. Had his lawn chair set up next to his truck wit his box call in the chairs cup holder. Dat gotta be a real Turkey hunter
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Old May 5th, 2019
Spoonbilla Spoonbilla is offline
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This ol boy was tryin to catch the woods on fire with his box call

Had a hunter come in on me friday as i was set up calling. He started cutting back and me and shaking his gobble tube. Then when he got around to where my truck was he let out another yelp then left. On his way out he honked twice lol.
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Old May 6th, 2019
cajunhorn cajunhorn is offline
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Originally Posted by Phillipshunt View Post
8000 posts of completely stupid comments most of which donít even make sense. Old man your a washed up never was, you arenít even a has been.
Your just exactly the kind of idiots Iím talking about. Me and a few others are stating facts. Garbage all over the woods morons driving around people to save a 1/4 mile walk. Waiting till full daylight to decide they want to turkey hunt and then drive the dirt roads like itís Talledaga. This ainít opinion and this has nothing to do with forum posts itís about stupid people like you.
I moved here 22 years ago and while I agree with some of what youíre saying and donít really care at all for south Louisiana, you need to get laid
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