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Hog Hunting Louisiana's Fastest Growing Hunting Sport

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Old January 13th, 2010
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Default up the tree

When I was about 16 me and my buddy went rabbit/squirrel hunting with his uncle. He dropped us off waayyy down a trail and we walked in till our legs hurt. split up and kept walking. Always made fun of him for hanging his compass around his neck when I thought you could just carry it in your pocket. Well I had a ruger 10/22 with 2-10 shot clips and a pocket full of rounds, bottle of water, pack of smokes and OFF. Good to go. I came upon a nice size ditch and decided to cross, mud up to my knees. thought that if a hog was to charge than I would jump in it and have time to reload. Well, I made it up the other side and about 20' from the ditch when I heard a big splash followed by another and another. 5 hogs headed my way (2 big, 3 little). I was looking at my handheld compass in one hand and rifle in the other. They were headed straight for me on the same trail!!! I dropped the compass and peppered 10 rounds on the first hog. Didn't even phase him. They were comin. Didn't have time for another clip so I turned and shouldered the .22, took 4 steps and grabbed a little tree, pulled my legs up and ****. They just ran past me. I didn't realize that they probably didn't see me. I dropped down and looked for the compass. Couldn't find the little round ball. Well, waayyyy out in the woods with no direction. Couple hours and it will be dark. Thought about gathering wood for a fire to spend the night. Walked for what seemed like hours and came upon a trail. Walked it till I found where I thought my buddy was. Looked but didn't see him. Called his name a couple times and he walked up. Told him what happened and he will never let me forget it. His version of the story is that I threw my compass at the hogs and ran his way yelling "steeeeve, steeeve, steeeeeeeeeeve!" lol Since that day I ALWAYS carry a decent sidearm and practice on my accurate quickdraw shots. Also have a compass around my neck with a back-up in the bag. His uncle told me that he had seen them hogs and believes he scared them towards me. That's why they were hauling ***.
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Old January 13th, 2010
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Funny story! I also carry a couple of compasses when I'm hunting somewhere I don't know too well, you never know when you can get turned around.
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