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Old July 1st, 2014
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Default BBM to Cease Printing

Our print counterpart—Bayou Bucks Magazine—will not resume operations this summer. Since the launch of BBM in 2011, the dynamics of the print industry have changed rapidly. The business model of printing just one all-gloss publication and circulating it independently throughout South Louisiana for free each month—supported 90% by advertisements—is not as viable today as it was when we started.

After exploring an array of business options, one inescapable conclusion remained: we’d simply be prolonging the inevitable, so the difficult decision was made not to resume printing.

While our hope might one day be to reconstitute a printed version in some capacity, no time frame has been established on this, and I don’t want to set that expectation. While our plans and goals remain the same—to educate, inform, and entertain hunters each month—the methods by which we do this will change. We started as a web site, and it’s in this realm we’ll remain.

We have many subscribers who are at various stages along in their 12-month subscription. Thank you so much for your support. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate it. Credit/refunds will be issued starting next week based upon a pro-rated balance Shannon is in the process of establishing. You will be contacted, so please be patient. If you have any immediate questions, please call 504-272-6060 or email us at

I wanted to extend our gratitude to our advertisers over the years that have supported us. Without your financial commitment, getting this monumental project off the ground would not have been possible. To our readers, many of whom have subscribed and supported us even when you didn’t have to, we say, “Thanks.“ Your feedback, engagement, and contributions to BBM are what set us apart and kept us striving for continuous improvement each month.

And most importantly, thanks to our staff of great friends, most of whom began as members of our forum and stayed behind the scenes, but played big and small roles in our monthly grind to produce an outstanding publication.

Greg Hicks (No. 2), Executive Editor: Greg’s wit, humor, and smooth writing style will be missed throughout BBM’s pages. The down-home, common appeal we sought to provide each month fell under Greg’s vision. He’s been part of BBM from conception to today, and we look forward to moving forward together in the digital realm, while anticipating and enjoying your work in publications like Buckmasters and Rack Magazine, among others, this coming hunting season. It’s been an honor working with you.

Matthew Debnam (Skewerer), Managing Editor: The look, feel, and material incorporated into BBM each month was directly influenced by Matthew. Working with experienced and novice writers alike, while offering constructive criticism, helped to develop them professionally, and the outstanding content published each month was a product of Matt's tireless work. You’ve taught us all a lot, and we look forward to what the future holds.

Wendy Blubaugh, Creative Director: Wendy stepped on board mid-stride in April 2012, and her talents were felt immediately. She builds the entire magazine each month. While she’s not a hunter, she adapted well to our philosophies and culture. Working handily with Matthew and our sales team each month to create editorial content and build ads, Wendy always went above and beyond what we asked of her, surprising us with things she contributed. Her professionalism and thoroughness were a blessing.

Jonathan Olivier (DUCKiller), Contributing Editor: Jonathan’s talents were recognized immediately when, as a writer, he began submitting excellent print-ready articles back when we first launched. After learning about Jonathan’s ambitions and career path, it was agreed that we needed to bring him on board in some capacity. Since then, Jonathan has worked directly with Matthew as a contributing writer and editor, helping writers find their style and develop original content.

Chase Hebert, Chef Bowfreak: You can’t have a Louisiana hunting magazine without awesome camp cooking recipes, and you can’t have awesome camp cooking recipes without Chef Bowfreak. Chase was always favored as Head Cook at any Bayou Bucks event, so it was only natural to feature these outstanding recipes in BBM each month. His humor, likeability, and charisma served our readers well. The friendships you’ve fostered within the pages of BBM and beyond in people’s everyday lives can’t be understated.

Rusty Aucoin (Buddo Ro), Entertainer: It just wouldn’t be Bayou Bucks without Buddy Ro! Him being featured randomly throughout our pages in compromising situations with his coveted “blue cans” was a mainstay for us. During the hectic grind to produce a magazine each month, Buddy Ro always added a sense of humor and relief that reminded us of the laid back and fun approach we try to take. Rusty also personally worked with our readers who submitted photographs to the Brag Board, being especially attentive to youths in the outdoors.

Warren Womack (WHW), Columnist: Upon learning of Warren’s hunting style and intricate record keeping of all hunts over the span of half a century, it was a no-brainer to find a way to facilitate the transfer of some of this knowledge to our readers each month. The fact that he’s as sincere and generous as they come—always going above and beyond to help others—embodies everything we stand for at BBM. Your “Words with Warren” column was a fan favorite each month; thanks for joining the family.

Jay Curole (QRole), Jamie Beauxis (71Model), Shane Mayfield, Columnists: Jay writes our “Buck Browse” column each month, putting a biological spin on important deer foods pertinent to the time of year we’re in, educating our readers to be better hunters and land managers. Jamie Beauxis was responsible for highlighting public lands throughout the Bayou State, educating readers to the wealth of opportunity and recreation that our nearly 1 million acres of public lands provide. Charter Captain, Shane Mayfield, kept us abreast of the latest fishing reports that occupied our time until October 1. We’re looking forward to a more interactive an engaging platform for your contributions to continue online.

Sales Team: Shannon Aycock (Bayou Doe), Chris Myers (Droptine1973), Gregg Gravois (Grabwad), Josh Favalora (SwampHookDaddy), Pat Davis (Monster), Will Stall, Robert Ryder, and Austin Tinney (Backyard Bowhunter): Without these guys beating the streets helping advertisers reach their goals through BBM, we’d never have the capital to operate each month. Chris and Gregg, while events in your lives made sales challenging these last two years, we’re forever indebted to your hard work and vision helping BBM get off the ground in its infancy. Thanks.

Circulation: Jimmy Leonard (jffb), Brandon Wilkinson (BWilk), Jamie Dubroc (Du-Baby), Jacob Thompson (JTHOMP), Sidney Fisher (SBF), Justin Guimbellot (Gimp), Wesley Lack (Bullet), Billie Hines, and Sarah Fromenthal (pinkhuntress): Our circulation team had the monumental task of distributing thousands of copies of BBM throughout South Louisiana each month. Most did this free of charge, because they knew how resource-intensive circulation was for us with the high cost of fuel, and wanted to help the cause. Jimmy, thanks for your tireless work helping our team get their copies for distribution each month and growing our distribution points. Brandon and Jonathan, thanks for your hard work in the early days when faced with the difficult task of getting established.

Contributing Writers: We’ve had so many everyday folks contribute to BBM over the years in some form or another—mostly forum members—that I couldn’t even begin to list them all. Your contributions and enthusiasm were much appreciated. As a member-driven magazine, the material we published was the embodiment of you. Thanks for your passion and excellent work.

While we’re all disappointed to extinguish our print counterpart, we’re looking forward to the role will play in our mission to promote Louisiana's wonderful outdoors in this special state. Thanks for your support over the years.

Jason Aycock, Publisher

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Old July 1st, 2014
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It was an honor to be apart of something that we all have passion for. I gained many new lifelong friends through this site and the magazine was a proud moment for me. With work and personal life being busy and taking up all my time it was getting harder to deliver recipes on a timely fashion and the guys behind the scenes helped anyway they could to make sure it was perfect. Thanks Jason for allowing me to part of the magazine and most great things have to come to an end and totally understand about how much money it takes to make things happen. One thing you can count on is we will always see Greg, Mathew, Jonathon, and our other great writers sterols surface somewhere in the future. Talent that good just don't and won't fade away!
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Old July 1st, 2014
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Jason, I was honored to be part of the creativity that was the magazine. I love sharing my passion for the outdoors with others. A great thanks goes out to Matthew. Matthew, thanks for turning my coonass writing style into something readable for the magazine. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be part of the team.

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Old July 2nd, 2014
TC260 TC260 is offline
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Y'all have done an awesome job with the magazine. Sad to see it go.
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Old July 2nd, 2014
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Thanks for the opportunity to continue some of my writing and having it published in BBM. I enjoyed all of the informative discussions that were published in each issue of BBM. I know times and things change and you have to adjust with the culture of today. I am sure you guys will continue to do great and produce a quality product/show or whatever you choose to do.
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Old July 2nd, 2014
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Man all i can say about htis is "thank you" to everyone who supported us through this journey. Man it has been a fun ride. I know i personally gained many life long friends though this magazine. Jason, greg, matt, wendy, shannon, chase and anybody else i am forgeting it has been an honor to work with you guys on this project. The old saying goes when one door closes another one opens so i know i am looking forward to the new beginnings! I hope i was able to make a few of you guys smile at least once lol. I enjoyed getting all you guy's pics of your kills. All ways remember to "sip a few and enjoy the view!"
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Old July 2nd, 2014
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Thank you for all the BBM team has done. I hate to see the magazine go and have been proud to be a sponsor of BBM from the beginning. Now I will read them all over again.
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Old July 2nd, 2014
Stringer The Slinger Stringer The Slinger is offline
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Interesting !!
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Old July 2nd, 2014
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It was my pleasure to have had the opportunity to be associated with such a high quality magazine and the people that made it possible.

I believe, just like this website, Bayou Buck Magazine did a stand up job of representing the outdoors of our state with news, education and entertainment. Thanks to all that invested their time and effort to make it the outstanding publication that it was.
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Old July 2nd, 2014
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BBM was one of the prouder things I've been apart of in my life. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when Jason called me with the idea. Hurts to see it go but just like Ro said, when one door closes another one opens. Thanks to everyone who took time out to give to our little publication and also to those who allowed us to write about their adventures.
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