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Old 4 Days Ago
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Originally Posted by gerald View Post
I went to my mobile camp this am. There was a light fog, calm winds and 68 F. Heard my first gobble of the year just after daylight. There were 2 Toms about a 1/2 mile away. I moved and was able to walk and got about 200 yards from them. I got a nice short video of the toms gobbling. I will try to post it. I loaded the video from the phone to the computer but it is in a different format and won't download.

I went to 3 other spots but did not hear any more gobbles. I did see one small flock of turkeys while driving.
Dat looks like a nice spot! My cousin will likely be in the area next Saturday with his daughter. If I don't have to work I will probably go as well and go do some listening
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Old 4 Days Ago
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Originally Posted by Lamplighter View Post
After the morning roost gobbles, heíll shut up and probably go silent. I know you know; donít have to tell you. Stay in the area. Many times heíll crank up again about 8:30 am up to 11 am. Try to stick around. The second mid morning gobbling is where you want to be opening morning. Got to anticipate other hunters coming in on u and blowing the whole thing. Donít waste time on road birds. Every Tom, Fred, and Harry will mess u up.
Other hunters is a BIG concern in that area where these 2 toms roosted.

Last year, I had found a Tom roosting in a somewhat "out of the way" spot, but weather was a big factor. I set up on this bird about 150 yards from his roosting spot and waited......

Just as it was getting to be GOBBLE TIME, the storm front was getting close. When it started thundering a few miles away.... I started getting nervous. After the third clap of thunder, I moved to his STRUT area which was much closer to where I parked that morning.

The thunder had stopped...... but the weather [or something] caused the tom to not gobble, I did not hear him fly down nor did he come to my calling.
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Old 4 Days Ago
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Me and wife still working these days. Otherwise I would be at camp as well.
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