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Shot Placement Guidelines for Archers
by Ty Landry

We’ve heard it all before: “The shot was perfect, but I never recovered the deer.” Many hunters ignore the path in which an arrow takes, focusing only on where the arrow enters the deer to

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Skinning a Buck for the Taxidermist (Part 2 of 2)
by, in association with, show how to properly remove the antlers of a buck you plan on mounting. Follow these tips to make your taxidermist’s job easier. >>View Part 1

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Record 200″ Buck Falls in Pointe Coupee Parish

When Ventress, Louisiana native Phil Major got trail camera pictures of a freakishly enormous buck over the summer, he had a good idea the animal was bedding on or near his small tract property

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Dog Hunting
Jesse Savage vs Hunter Waites

  Jesse Savage, Challenger: The on going dispute over dog hunting is anything but new to most deer hunters in Louisiana. Our state has dealt with this controversy for decades. All evidence points out that the practice

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