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Dog Hunting
Jesse Savage vs Hunter Waites



Jesse Savage, Challenger:
The on going dispute over dog hunting is anything but new to most deer hunters in Louisiana. Our state has dealt with this controversy for decades. All evidence points out that the practice of hunting deer with dogs is a cancer affecting most of the state’s population of deer and the deer hunting society, which started as early as the 1920s.

For a quick history lesson: during the 1920s, French settlers started hunting deer with dogs heavily in Louisiana, and with time, nearly exterminated the entire population across the Bayou State. Its was not until the 1950s that deer hunting was resurrected in Louisiana, and this was only due to extensive importation and management of herds from as far away as Wisconsin. With strict enforcement over the next few decades, Louisiana’s deer population was revived. You would think that since the low numbers of deer in Louisiana was caused by dog hunters, that this sport would have been banned in the early stages of restoring the Louisiana deer herd.

I’m not making an argument that dog hunting will make the Louisiana deer population extinct (though very well possible), but attacking the the overall disruption dog hunters cause to others, as well as the blatant defiance they have towards other hunters, property lines, and game management year-after-year. They don’t even come close to following the unwritten rules of a Louisiana sportsman; they’re an interruption to the entire Louisiana hunting community. Those who take to the practice of dog hunting acquire more violations and contribute to more wounded deer, year-after-year, than all other hunters combined.

From what started as a way of life, and then evolve into a Louisiana pastime, has now morphed into nothing more than a bunch of outlaws running the roads who call themselves hunters. Only calling “a few of them” outlaws puts a sugar coat on it! Unless there comes a day that dogs can read no trespassing signs, understand property lines, and their owners learn the proper edict and laws surrounding deer hunting, then this fashion of hunting should be banned in our state. The horrendous tradition has turned into an all-out disobedient style of hunting and it’s time to terminate it once and for all! For those dog hunters having a tuff time swallowing this, all I can say is, “I hope you choke.”

Hunter Waites, Defender:
You sir, are far too caught up in your elitist social lifestyle to see the forest for the trees. Spare me your sobbing stories of days gone by and how dog hunting’s a relict. You’re missing the whole point, which is often the case with people like you who bear a distorted, fascist outlook on life. You people are all the same, and are never satisfied until you have every game law in the country legislated in your favor. You’re the type of person that thinks the state should regress into an 8-point-or-better antler restriction because it satisfies your wants, without even taking the time to consider what moral authority you have over your neighbor. You should never have that authority. I know you’re probably thinking, “But this guy is not even debating the issue of dog hunting.” I will discuss dog hunting, in detail and in time, but i find it drastically important to illustrate to you your own narrow-mindedness first. When you take your self-inflicted naivety out of the equation, you will clearly see why dog hunting in Louisiana will never be banned, and why it shouldn’t.

You stated that dog hunting is a cancer. Please explain this to me! Cancers grow until they choke the life out of their hosts. Is this the case with dog hunting? I think not. Dog hunting is merely a shrinking piece of the deer hunter’s pie, shrinking only because of the laws people like you have lobbied to pass. If you elitists had it it your way, you’d legislate yourselves out of existence…and then you’d complain about it!

If it were not for dog hunters, then youth recruitment into the sport of deer hunting would be half of what it is today. Many of these “still hunters” forget that they, too, grew up with dog hunting. Had they not been provided the excitement, camaraderie, and increased opportunities for success, then they would have lost interest before deer hunting developed into an addiction for them. The addiction they have today translates into dollars for our local economy, as well as federal aid money directed into the coffers of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. This is a direct result of being introduced to the exciting sport of dog hunting at an early age—a sport and economy that you want to crush because of your own idiotic and fascist beliefs. You’re a loud, rude, complaining minority amongst the deer hunting community. Move to California; you’ll fit right in over there.

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