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University » Debates » Dog Hunting

Dog Hunting
Jesse Savage vs Hunter Waites


Jesse Savage, Challenger:
You have done a wonderful job of attacking me, but have done nothing to defend dog hunters. Let me start by saying that Louisiana is the greatest state in all of America, and its current laws concerning deer hunting are, in my mind, spot on (excluding those in favor of hunting deer with the companion of a dog). The fact of the matter is that you’ve taken no time to defend your people on this topic, and the belligerence you’ve shown towards me only helps affirm that dog hunters have no respect for those around them. The immediate temper you’ve exemplified is just what I would expect out of a dog hunter. This is a great illustration of the aggression displayed when a dog hunter crosses property lines.

I will commend you, however, in that you brought up a great aspect of deer hunting: that of bringing youths into the sport. As a youth, it’s not only the experience that’s important, but gaining a respect and knowledge of the sport. Swinging a barrel at deer with a barking dog on its heals teaches them nothing and only lets them experience the most unjustified style of hunting. My days of hunting began as a youth and I have contributed to bringing more youths into hunting, all being done without the use of dogs and having great results.

All in all, your lack of any effort to even begin to persuade my thoughts on the issue at hand, as well as your attempts to belittle my feelings toward the subject, show that there must be little hope swaying in your direction. If you are aware, a debate is usually done through facts and opinions on the area under discussion and not lashing out at your opponent.


Hunter Waites, Defender:
Yes I have attacked you. That’s only logical. Your problem lies with dog hunting, so my problem lies with you. Let’s move towards the facts around the issue; pay close attention as I disassemble every single self-proclaimed “fact” you made from Round 1 to illustrate your ignorance and contempt. First of all: learn your history. Louisiana’s deer herd was wiped out because of a great depression followed by a massive loss of habitat. People were poor, hungry, and most of the forest in Louisiana was cleared for agriculture or timber in a very short amount of time. Dog hunting played no role in the species’ demise.

Have you ever dog hunted? Do you personally know dog hunters? You must know a ton of them to draw such ludicrous conclusions as them having “blatant defiance over other hunters, property lines, and game management.” This is false and offensive; you’re drawing conclusions about a population of which you truly know nothing about and based solely upon your imagination. You followed by saying, “…dog hunters acquire more violations and contribute to more wounded deer…than all other hunters combined.” Are you kidding me? I bet you think that people don’t kill people, but guns do. Please cite your sources for us all to see; we’ll be desperately looking for this information in Round 3, so please don’t further discredit yourself by not posting it. I imagine you’ll cite no sources, because what you proclaim as fact is so far-fetched it’s bordering on humor. I bow hunt religiously, and I’d venture to say that this group wounds the most deer per capita. However, these totals pale in comparison to the wounded deer caused by still hunters with rifles, simply because they represent such a large set of the population.

So that’s your position: to attack a small group and take from them their tradition of hunting based on false premises and an unfounded hatred which has clouded you vision? You and your cohorts are outcasts, poorly representing a mere fraction of the population which feels similarly. You all’s uprising against the hunting community appears larger than it actually is, simply because of the relentlessness of your whining, moaning, and complaining. If you spent more time hunting and killing deer, then you’d never annoy the rest of us with your constant barrage of rants.

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