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University » Articles » The Bayou State Buck Review: 2009-10 (Part 2 of 2)

The Bayou State Buck Review: 2009-10 (Part 2 of 2)
by Greg Hicks

front_pageIn part one of this review, we covered the deer that were taken from opening weekend all the way through the end of November. There were deer killed all over the state, but it was the later season, from December through the end of January, that had all of us holding our breath. With the deep, palmetto-laden, hardwood bottoms of South Louisiana holding record book bucks, high water, and being on the verge of the full rut, deep down we all knew that this season was about to get even better.


The Rick Owens Buck: 196"; Morehouse Parish.

When December finally rolled around, we were waiting like kids on Christmas morning for more Louisiana bruisers to keep pouring in. Rick Owens, of the LWDF enforcement division, started the month off with a bang when he took one of the most unique racks we’ve seen all season. The 196″ Morehouse Parish brute was taken on December 2 not 200 yards from Rick’s back door. The deer’s rack sported 19 points and had a total of 60 inches worth of drop tines. At close to 7 ½ years old, this buck was one of the oldest we reported on and goes show that like wine, deer do get better with age.


The Ray Vittorio Buck: 187 4/8"; West Feliciana Parish.

Ray Vittorio, a Colonel at the State Penitentiary in Angola, LA, took to the woods December 5 and the images of what he came out with are still etched in the minds of everyone who have seen it. Ray had been hunting a ridgeline that morning when he saw a buck and decided to take a shot with his Winchester Model 1200 12 gauge. The buck ended up being one that should rank in the highest parts of the Louisiana Big Game Record Books. It roughly scored an astounding 187 4/8″ typical, making Ray Vittorio a household name in many parts of the state.


The Jeremy Horner Buck: 197"; West Baton Rouge Parish.

Jason sent me a text message on the night of December 16th saying “Big buck down in cane field.” I knew he was all over it and boy was he ever. It turned out that Jeremy Horner of Erwinville, LA had killed a monster of a deer in the sugarcane fields of West Baton Rouge Parish. Jeremy had been hunting that afternoon and decided to leave early because of a rain soaked seat. As he walked out towards his truck with his cell phone in hand, he saw something standing on the other side of his truck. What he saw was 197″ of bone on top of the head of a buck that had Jeremy pegged. After a quick assessment of the situation, Jeremy decided he had only one shot at the deer. The plan was to drop his phone to the ground, sling his rifle up to his shoulder, and squeeze off a shot before the deer disappeared. The plan worked out perfectly and pictures of Jeremy and the buck made the internet rounds the next day. The buck’s rack had 18 scorable points, an 18″ inside spread, 27 inch main beams, 7 ½” bases, and two drop tines—one at 7 ½” long and the other at 5 ½” long.

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