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University » Articles » The Brands that Divide Us

The Brands that Divide Us
by Russell Scarbrough

front_pageHere lately I have been thinking a lot about all of the bow bashing that goes on today in person, but especially on the internet. People have some how reached the point of believing that if another archer does not use or shoot the same equipment as he chooses, then that archer and his equipment are somehow inferior. Where did this whole train of “zombie thought” come from? Is it the overexposure of products and relentless advertising from bow, gun, and equipment manufacturers? Everywhere you look in magazines, on TV, in stores, and on the internet there’s some kind of marketing telling you to use their products. Is it the endless hunting shows with celebrity hunters (a lot of them women) drilling you with what brand of bow and equipment to use, somehow brain washing you into believing that if you do not shoot or use “such and such’s” products that you will not have this kind of success? I really truly believe that this type of advertising overload is what’s responsible for these types of brand bashing wars!

The sneakiest tactic marketers choose to use today is the exploitation of attractive young lady-hunters, and the sad thing is 95% of the male population is too ill-informed to realize what is happening to them. They regularly fork over their hard-earned cash for any product that they believe will make them the next big hunting guru. These companies are playing on mens’ manhood and exploiting their products through their most instinctive urge—sex. Yes, it’s ugly my friends, but it’s the hard ugly truth of today’s booming hunting industry! We’ve been trained to think this way, and I see it stopping no time soon—only getting worse. It’s up to you to use your brain and sort through the tons of available information. Form an opinion for yourself by trying certain products in the field, and not just buying things because Tiffany told you to.


Although the author leaves little doubt in this photo (from one of his public land kills last season) about which bow brand he's loyal to , he's first to acknowledge the fast array of excellent bow manufactures in existence, and understands that confidence takes priority over brand name when they all are good at getting the job done.

It’s no secret; anyone who knows me knows what brand of equipment I use and am loyal too. Now does this mean I’m blinded by what’s going on around me with other constantly-improving bow companies? No, of course not. It’s just the brand that I am confident in from years of hard use, and when in bowhunting situations, friends: Confidence in your equipment is King! You can take that to the bank—or the freezer, I should say. Too many people today are worried about blistering bow speeds, when in fact, we have all seemed to forget that bowhunting has little to do with speed and everything to do with a stealthy approach. This includes a close encounter, followed by an accurate, well-placed shot, no matter what your bow speed is.

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