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Hunting season is close. Are you ready?
by Greg Hicks

It’s that time of year again.  All the new outdoor shows are starting to air, sporting good stores are having sales, and hunters from all over the country are getting their gear in shape a,nd ready to hunt.  While you’re tuning your bow and sighting in your rifle, don’t forget take care of the best piece of hunting equipment that you own.  It’s not your GPS or your thermocell, it’s you.  You are the single most important item in your hunting arsenal and how you are tuned will determine how far you’ll go to get the deer that you’ve been dreaming of all summer long.

This unique style of yard maintenance has helped Murray Landry get ready for hunting season for years.  In his pack is nearly 40 pounds of added weight

This unique style of yard maintenance has helped Murray Landry get ready for hunting season for years. In his pack is nearly 40 pounds of added weight

It’s Louisiana, it’s July, and it’s hot.  It’s so hot that even when the wind blows it seems even hotter and heaven forbid it rain, because that would make the Devil have to take a water break.  Typically in the bayou state during days like this, you do your outside activities either as early as possible or right before it gets too dark to see at night.  Murray Landry does his outside stuff at what we’d call the worst time possible.  “I usually start around March with cutting the grass.  I’ll take a back pack and put some weight in it and then I’ll push mow my yard.  I like to do it around 2:00 P.M.,” said Landry.  Let’s back track a bit.  See, Murray isn’t your run of the mill type of guy.  When he was in college, Murray decided to take a small break from school to join the Army and this is where his love for fitness began.  After his military days were over and he had finished getting his degree, Murray decided to join the Louisiana State Police.  “I was the first person in the history of the state police to actually gain weight in the Academy.  That was because my routine before hand was so rigorous, that what they put us through there, I was already prepared for unlike some of the guys,” explained Landry.  It was his extreme work ethic that eventually led to him being named as personal body guard to former Governor Edwin Edwards from 1984 until 1988.  “I feel like my training is just as important as my hunting.  I have it broken down into a post season, pre season, and season workouts,” said Landry.  His yearly routine starts with his post season training which basically consists of your common exercises normally done in a gym setting.  Heavy weight is the name of the game then, trying to get his strength back after a hard season of mobile hunting.

Somewhere around the middle of July is when he starts his pre season workout, where his routine goes from heavy training, to conditioning.  “This is where the grass cutting with a pack starts getting pretty tough, and I get off the heavy weight.  I want to get my wind better and my muscles used to a lot of work.  I’ll do push ups, sit ups, and chin ups.  I have one of those chin up bars that you hang from your door frame and you can hit all kind of different angle with it.  It’s nice, and if I feel like I have to do too many reps to get what I want, I’ll add some weight to a back pack.  Dumb bell work for shoulders, barbell curls for my biceps, and close grip pushups for my triceps are a must during this time too.  I also ride my bike hard about two times a week and I’ll ad weight to the basket when I need to,” Landry went on to say.

During the season, his hunting style keeps him pretty much in shape, but he still does your basic exercises with light weight but this time they go to failure, meaning until he nearly falls on his face!  You’d think I was talking about a guy in his thirty’s or forty’s, not a man who is 58.  “I earned the nickname ‘Psycho’ from my family, friends, and neighbors because when I turned 50, I thought I was losing my edge.  I took all of my weights and set them outside, under a tarp.  I’d workout no matter what the weather was.  They though I was a psycho.  I guess when you look out your window and there a guy benching close to 325 pounds in the rain, with the temperature close to 25 degree’s, you’d probably be right to call me that,” laughed Landry, “but after two years of that, I knew I still had it and the weights went back inside.”.

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