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University » News Breakers » Record Shattering Antlers Confiscated by LDWF

Record Shattering Antlers Confiscated by LDWF

A LDWF agent stands in the Morehouse Parish courthouse with the confiscated 15-point rack.

Official Press Release from LDWF

1:15 PM CST:
A potential record-breaking 15-point rack has been confiscated by LDWF officials due to mounting evidence that the buck was taken illegally. Sources indicate that Billy W. Jordan, 54, of Winnsboro, LA had initially told friends about taking the 290 pound Catahoula Parish giant under questionable conditions.

Eventually, LDWF agents caught wind of the story and began an investigation. On the evening of January 19th, the investigation culminated with wildlife agents confiscating the high-scoring 229 6/8” BTR antlers, citing Jordan for taking a deer with an illegal weapon, and four felony counts of contest fraud.

A call to Simmons Sporting Goods in Bastrop, LA confirmed that LDWF agents had served a warrant to obtain the scorecard of a buck entered into the store’s big buck contest in the days leading up to the seizure. However, sources were unable to confirm if the scorecard was that of the alleged illegally killed buck.

Click here to read the official press release by LDWF.

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One Response to: Record Shattering Antlers Confiscated by LDWF

  1. grobec    (January 23rd, 2012 at 4:12 pm)

    That guy will be kicking himself for a long time. What a rack!

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