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The Rapides Parish Reward
by Guest Contributor

We’ve done a lot of big buck stories on over the past few years, but this one takes the cake.  Only a first person account would do it justice and Todd Glorioso tells it masterfully.  You’ll never believe how the story of this 175 1/8″ buck ends! 

This story starts in Woodworth, La. in 2008 on a sandy piece of land by a gravel pit.  I wasn’t too excited about moving to Woodworth from Kincaid Lake, but my wife Amanda talked me into it.  I had been hunting in a club in Verda, La., but it was to far to travel everyday so I was looking for a club close to the house.  My father-in-law had some openings on his club just 2 miles down the road with pit ponds to fish and plenty of area to hunt.  I was in and boy did I have fun fishing every day and putting cameras out to see what kind of wildlife lived in this active gravel pit.  In 2008 I got a lot of pictures of young bucks, turkeys, and does, but did not hunt much on that club.

This is the trail camera picture that Todd first got of the deer in 2009.

During the 2009 hunting season, I saw a few young bucks and 7 or 8 does, but nothing big enough for me to shoot.  I got picked on constantly because I would not go into the woods before daylight and I’d leave my stand when it was still light.  They told me I will never kill a deer because of being scared of the dark.  It’s my brothers fault for telling me the monsters will get you in the dark, but I saw plenty of deer after daylight and before sunset, so there was no sense in taking a chance of getting eaten by a monster!   I checked my camera and there it was; a stud of a buck.  He was facing away from the camera with his head up high, but I could tell he was a mature deer.  I got excited and started putting Code Blue deer estrous out and leaving it for days.  Every night the big buck would come in and check the doe urine.  I had picture after picture, but all of them were at night.  After the season at the club meeting, I shared my pictures with all club members and they too had tons of pictures of this deer.  We all looked forward to hunting this deer in 2010.

2010 shows the buck getting larger and larger.

The month before the 2010 deer season some things came up and I was unable to get back in the hunting club.  All I could think was that I missed my chance with the biggest deer ever seen in that area.  There was a 100 acre track in the middle of the club that was private property.  I asked the landowner if he minded me hunting it and he gave me permission.  I was hunting a small 40 acre piece of land right next to the noisiest gravel pit you could imagine.  There where times I could not hear myself think it was so loud. Trucks coming and going, heavy equipment loading gravel into trucks, and people talking over the intercom 6 days a week.  But it was all I had and I was thankful.  Despite all the noise, I still saw plenty of deer, turkeys, hogs and yes even ole big was coming in at night.  I put Code Blue out and he’d come and checked it every night just like the year before, but never during the day. I had accepted the fact that this deer was going to die of old age, because he was way smarter than me.  My father-in-law joked and said the deer knew what I drove and probably the license plate number on my truck.

The 2011 season started off bad.  Food plots were destroyed by hogs and I mean destroyed.  I started feeding corn and acorns and put my camera out.  Then, just like clockwork, there he was.  Ole big.  He came in at night, walking straight to my deer stand with his head up high, as if to say, “I know where you are, but you can forget about me coming out in the day”.  Man did I get pumped after seeing that picture!  I kept my camera out every day, but had nothing but hogs for the next two months, of coarse all night time shots on them also.  My father-in-law suggested I move my camera 100 yards away from the hogs and put 50 lbs. of corn and acorns out.  I did just that and did not return for 5 days.  When I went and checked the camera, all the corn and acorns were gone.  I rushed home to see what was on my SD card.  There he was again and again and again.  He would come in before the hogs and then 4 does would come in after him, as if they gave him respect for his dominance.  Something was different this year with the deer’s eye.  Only his left eye would glow in the camera.  It looked like he might have been blind in his right eye.  I continued feeding them acorns and corn and filled up my camera weekly with great pictures of wildlife.

January 10th; my 39th Birthday. I got some Code Blue doe estrous and hung it in three spots, then I left it there for 3 days.  You could see his tracks up and down the road where I put the scent.  I checked my camera and it was him all right.

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