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University » News Breakers » Atchafalaya Basin Titan Falls to Krotz Springs Hunter

Atchafalaya Basin Titan Falls to Krotz Springs Hunter

Toby Kimble, of Krotz Springs, poses proudly with the giant he's been hunting all season.


by Jonathan Olivier
Krotz Springs native, Toby Kimble, hunts hard – in fact he’s logged around 500 hours this hunting season already in pursuit of his latest buck. Kimble hunts in the Atchafalaya Basin, priding himself on hunting virtually every day he can to ensure he is successful. His hard work and extreme effort has been rewarded this hunting season in a big way as he was able to harvest a giant Basin buck–one that would make any hunter across the state envious.

Kimble has been in pursuit of the giant since the summer, since he began getting trail camera pictures of it. It wasn’t only until a few weeks ago that the hunter had the pleasure of coming face to face with the brute. Kimble was situated in a box stand, hunting an area he knew the buck had been patrolling. “I turned to my right…he was twenty steps away looking at me. I stopped (moving) and he stopped. He turned and took three hops” said the hunter.

The giant, in velvet, went on to rough green score around the 180" B&C mark, attaining the ripe old age of 6.5 years.

Kimble watched the deer escape, without being able to get his rifle up for a shot. However, the hunter was able to see where the old buck was bedding down. “He was (bedding) up in front of my camper. He’s been living in the camp yard,” relayed Kimble ecstatically.

The veteran hunter wasn’t going to let this giant give him the slip, and kept hunting as hard as ever. The afternoon of January 9, 2013, Kimble came across the buck again in his food plot. “I put it on him and pulled the trigger,” said the hunter.

The .30-378 Weatherby round met its mark, but the deer was still able to run, and Kimble knew he had to pick up the trail immediately as a result of the rain. Using the deer’s tracks as a guide, the hunter and two friends tracked the brute to his final resting area nearly 400 yards away.

Kimble’s huge whitetail is a beautiful 14-point mature buck, with horns that completely dominate the deer’s appearance. The old buck weighed only 206 pounds, making the rack look even more ominous and large.

This deer is a trophy anywhere in the country, and the fact that it was harvested in the Atchafalaya Basin makes it even more special. Kimble’s hard work paid off in the best way possible, and the hunter is grateful for his experience with this old and elusive deer. More information on this deer can be found in the upcoming February issue of Bayou Bucks Magazine.

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4 Responses to: Atchafalaya Basin Titan Falls to Krotz Springs Hunter

  1. lcaj41    (January 11th, 2013 at 8:26 am)


  2. rackattack    (January 12th, 2013 at 9:03 pm)

    Awesome Deer ! I use to hunt in St.Landry Parish around Bayou Current, Woodside area and Pointe Coupee parish around Morganza ,Lettsworth! I am glad for Toby! Hard work pays off !

  3. BayouCajun89    (January 16th, 2013 at 10:06 am)

    Beautiful deer, even seeing close up in person blew my mind. Hard work pays off and it payed off in a big way. Good job Toby.

  4. emontou    (July 25th, 2013 at 7:08 pm)

    Awesome buck!!

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