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University » News Breakers » Record 204″ St. Landry Parish Buck Killed

Record 204″ St. Landry Parish Buck Killed

Alex LeBlanc's enormous 204 1/8" B&C buck is one of the largest typical whitetails ever killed in Louisiana.

Garland, Louisiana native Alex LeBlanc had dreams of one day standing over that “buck of a lifetime” ever since killing his first deer at the ripe old age of seven. Little did he know that that dream would become reality thirteen years later, with not just any buck-of-a-lifetime by most hunters’ standards, but by one of the largest-racked deer to ever come from the Bayou State.

“200-inchers” get everyone’s attention no matter where they’re killed in the world, but from St. Landry Parish, a wild buck of this caliber is sure to turn some heads. In fact, Alex is probably running on very little sleep after recounting his story to family, friends, and the many strangers coming from near and far to congratulate the young hunter and admire a buck that’s making Louisiana hunting history!

“I had no idea this deer would bring this much attention,” admitted the twenty-year-old LeBlanc. “It’s been a madhouse over here with people coming to look at this buck.”

Just hours prior, Alex sat sweating through the early afternoon hours inside a box stand on his cousin’s QDMA managed property that he’d hunted the last three seasons. “I hunt when I can,” said Leblanc, who acknowledged that his time afield is limited due to a demanding work schedule. “My uncle and little brother thought I was crazy for heading out that early,” he laughed.

Alex’s stand of choice was a box tower within a 10-12 year old reforested field; long shooting lanes approximately fifteen yards wide extended outwards on the left and right of his stand through the tall weeds and planted saplings that deer are notorious for bedding in. And after an hour without action, at around 4:00pm, it happened. “I was watching the lanes…looking left, then right…when all of the sudden, there he was off to my right,” exclaimed Alex.

The buck appeared a mere fifty yards from the anxious hunter, who wasted no time in shouldering his rifle upon sight of the titan. “I saw his right antler first, and it was was huge! I must have bumped my gun three or four times just trying to get it out the window!” laughed LeBlanc.

By this time, the buck had moved out farther into the opening, providing Alex a clean shot. When the crosshairs of his .270 WSM A-Bolt settled behind the massive 220-pound buck’s shoulder, LeBlanc squeezed off, immediately sending the deer’s chest into the dirt. Somehow, the buck managed to get back to his feet and run across the lane and into the thick tangle of weeds on the other side. …continue reading>>>

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