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University » News Breakers » Louisiana Hunter Attacked by Monster Buck

Louisiana Hunter Attacked by Monster Buck

A trail camera photo of the massive 250 pound buck that nearly killed Bobby Neames this past Christmas Eve.

Listen now to podcast interview with victim Bobby Neames

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On Christmas Eve, a Louisiana hunter was the victim of a rare whitetail buck attack on his East Feliciana Parish property. Bobby Neames, of Clinton, Louisiana, nearly bled to death while being airlifted to Baton Rouge General Hospital after being rammed and gouged while attempting to approach a buck he shot earlier that morning.

The events began when the longtime hunter decided to slip off to his deer stand on the morning of December 24, 2013, with hopes of killing a massive buck that his trail cameras showed was in the area. Upon reaching his stand around 9am, Neames noticed the large buck standing toward the end of his shooting lane in some thick brush. Steadying his rifle for a shot, he pulled the trigger and watched the massive buck run out of sight.

Hearing the animal crash just beyond the shooting lane, Neames waited a moment then proceeded toward the area he’d last seen the buck. “When I got a few yards into the woods, I could see him laying there,” said the hunter. Noticing the buck still breathing with a massive and seemingly lethal bullet wound in his neck, Neames took a couple more steps towards the buck, and that’s when it happened; he charged.

“It happened so fast. I was twenty feet away when he lunged up from a squatted position, and within 1/10 of a second, he’d hit me,” recounted Neames. The heavy buck’s right main beam pierced Neames’ left thigh, entering above his knee and stopping under the skin just below his waist, tossing the shocked hunter onto his back eight feet away. At this point, a ground attack ensued.

“He was thrashing me on the ground like he was fighting another buck,” said Neames. “All I could do was try to keep my hands on his horns to somewhat protect my face and chest.”

Somehow with both hands occupied trying to defend himself, Neames’ gun strap got entangled in the buck’s huge antlers. His rifle was still off of safety from when he’d first approached the buck just moments earlier. “I remembered thinking to myself, ‘Here’s my gun, all tangled up in this buck’s antlers, and I just might get shot during all of this!’” he recalled.

Fatigued from holding the buck back and with no one responding to his loud cries for help, Neames began to believe he was in his final moments on earth, when his spiritual side came forward. “I called out to Him, ‘God, please help me!’” he said.

Call it fate or Divine Intervention, but the buck paused his attack long enough for Neames to get his composure. As the buck made a final charge towards the hunter, he was able to get both hands on the buck’s main beams and twist the beast’s head over all in one motion.

“He did a complete flip over me and landed on his back behind me with his antlers sticking in the dirt,” said Neames. The momentary disruption in the attack gave Neames enough time to hobble to his feet and put a few yards of distance between himself and the warring whitetail. What happened next could not be scripted: The buck rose to his feet, with Neames’ gun still entangled in his antlers. After pausing briefly to look at the wounded hunter, the deer trotted off, carrying Neames’ rifle along with him.

Drenched from head to toe with his own blood (as well as some of the buck’s blood), Neames gathered all his remaining strength and fought his way 400 yards back to his house. Soon thereafter, a helicopter airlifted him to the Baton Rouge General Medical Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to repair his leg.

“I was lucky to live through this,” recounted Neames. “It was a terrifying experience, and I still have nightmares over it.”

While being operated on, Bobby’s son went back to the area to look for his father’s gun, finding it 20 yards along the trail the buck had fled. After making a sweep of the area, no sign of the buck remained. Over a month has passed since the incident, and with neighbors and trail cameras on the lookout, the buck has still not been found—dead or alive.

Doctors say Neames' six foot, 250 pound frame was the only thing that kept him from being overpowered and killed by the buck.

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One Response to: Louisiana Hunter Attacked by Monster Buck

  1. jffb    (January 30th, 2014 at 10:58 am)

    Wow???I have had that happen to me twice in one season a few years ago.Guest where north of clinton.Lol.The time was not so bad but the 2nd time could have ended like this.I shot and 8 point for the land owner on my morning hunt with my 7 mag and the deer did a complete flip on his back.Waited about and half & hour got down to see my deadly kill shot and when I got to him thought he was dead.Beautiful 8 with about 16″ spread 185lbs I was Thanking the Lord for the kill and telling myself how glad Clovis Dunn was going to enjoy this Deer.Turned around found a tree to prop my gun on and turn back around and this Deer was looking at me with this Wild A– stare like I never seen and in a SPLIT second this came at me like a Grizzly Bear.All I could do was grab his horns and hang on for dear life.That thing threw me around like an rag doll through briars and everything else he could find but my will to live I guest was stronger than his I guest cause after I would say about 2 or 3 minutes I’m getting weak bleeding more than him Lol I finaly steer wrestle him down and held on for dear trying to break his neck and was finaly able to get my knife out and geaux mad on him.The first stab this thing berserk on me again but after 2 gal of blood spilt his and mine Lol I won.But I will NEVER forget that day Never & I mean Never under estimate the power of a Deer.I would also add a wounded one that you walk up knowing its him or you.It felt like a Mack truck had run over me that night.Oh and I did say my Prayers.Sorry for the long story this just brought back memories.

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