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The $15 Lease 04/27/2009
by Deon Herpin  
I would like to shine a little light on the opportunities that we have as sportsmen in our great state: wildlife management areas, national forests, refuges, reserves, preserves, >> read more
Managing Small Acreage for Quality Bucks 04/26/2009
by Don Toups  
I’ve owned a 45 acre tract of West Feliciana Parish property for 8 years, and have been through the ups and downs of trying to properly manage such >> read more
Summertime Bow Check-up 04/12/2009
by Russell Scarbrough  
If there’s two things you can always count on, it’s that rust never sleeps and your compound bow never stops trying to fall apart. Only through constant attention >> read more
Pre-Season Turkey Scouting 04/11/2009
by Burke Jones  
One of my first memories of turkey hunting was not of turkey hunting at all. It was trying to walk in the same footprints as my dad while >> read more
Evolution of a Deer Hunter 04/09/2009
by Deon Herpin  
Ever wonder how we became deer hunters? Were we born with it? Is there some magical gene in our body that makes us do those outrageous things that >> read more
An Addict’s Struggle 04/08/2009
by Jeff Trisler  
I’m an addict. It’s plain and simple. That’s become the only way for me to describe my actions, my thoughts, and my way of life. It seems I >> read more
Turkey Hunting 101 04/06/2009
by Eric Templet  
Once you have experienced it, you can never shake the sensation of your heart pounding out of your chest or the shortness of breath associated with your first >> read more
Start Somewhere: A QDM Plan 04/04/2009
by Ben Allgood  
Well, springtime has come, and your thoughts may be turning away from deer and towards fishing, turkey hunting, crawfishing, or any number of other activities. But, those deer >> read more
Dog Hunting
Jesse Savage vs Hunter Waites
  Jesse Savage, Challenger: The on going dispute over dog hunting is anything but
>> read more
Duck and Sausage Gumbo
Submitted by George Schenck
2 whole ducks, quartered
2-3 lbs smoked sausage
2 whole onions (I like 1 red and 1 white)
>> read more
Chicken Fried Wild Turkey
Submitted by Dennis Rowland
1 Wild Turkey Breast
1 16 oz. bottle Italian dressing
1/2 tsp. Lemon Pepper
Dash of Liquid Smoke
>> read more
ScentLok - Vertigo