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Don Toups Baton Rouge, LA

As a young child growing up in Metairie, LA, Don always had a love for animals and the outdoors, although his aspirations to become an accomplished deer hunter developed only after seeing a nice buck mounted on the wall of his neighbor’s home. Knowing nothing about the sport at that time, he promised himself that he too would one day have a nice buck above his mantel. Fast-forwarding into present times, it’s clear that Don has far exceeded his goal, harvesting numerous wall hangers, in particular taking a 138 4/8″ 10 point with his rifle and a 141 5/8″ 12 point with his bow.

Don’s emphasis on Quality Deer Management came after purchasing 45 acres of West Feliciana Parish upland hardwood property in 2001. By reading several publications, attending numerous seminars, joining the Forest Stewardship Program, and some trial-and-error, Don has transformed his property into a bow hunting mecca, showing what can be accomplished on small acreage when neighbors cooperate to achieve a common goal. Don currently resides in Baton Rouge, LA, making frequent trips with his grandchildren to their West Feliciana Parish property throughout the year. Introducing others to the thrill of bow hunting has been his recent passion, achieved by bringing individuals as guests to his property, or through fascinating writings on numerous internet hunting sites where he occasionally adds tidbits of Louisiana history to his posts, thus acquiring the name “Professor T.”

Don Toups Field Journal
Lastest Entry 10/08/2014
Mature for sure. Minimum 4.5 yo but you can give it 1 or 2 more years. Quick estimate 140" [...] >> read entry

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Looking Back 06/26/2009
Times were different then. Growing up in the city gave me little opportunity to enjoy wildlife. The few trips we made to Raceland, Louisiana were the only times I was >> read more
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