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Greg Hicks Farmerville, LA

faculty-greg-hicksThe Bayou D’Loutre bottoms of Union Parish in North Louisiana provided Greg an endless bounty of game and fish growing up. He’s stomped these grounds around Farmerville, LA his whole life, running nets and trot lines during the spring & summer months to hunting squirrels, deer, and rabbits in the fall & winter. His favorite childhood memories were the times spent under his grandfather’s plum tree, hearing stories about the good ol’ days when work was hard and time seemed to move at a much slower pace. His grandfather has since passed, but his virtue lives on, having instilled unto Greg an inept story-telling ability which manifests itself through his unique writing style.

After a brief hiatus from hunting in 1997 to attend college at LA Tech, Greg shortly returned to his Farmerville stomping grounds with a rekindled passion for an environment he’d always enjoyed best—the woods and the waters of Union Parish. He and his dad have grown close during recent years—a camaraderie forged from time spent together afield. They hunt often together, sharing insights into patterning mature bucks and bettering their local herd.

Greg married a small-town girl from Calhoun, LA in 2007, and they together have two wonderful baby girls. He looks forward to teaching them the ways of the woods when they become of age, and proud to watch them grow up in an area of Louisiana where a strong foundation of love and respect exists for God, family, community, and our Sportsman’s Paradise.

Greg Hicks Field Journal
Lastest Entry 09/21/2012
When I was younger, the dream of doing some sort of work in the outdoor business was always a dream of mine and then one day it started to become a reality. Since then Iíve learned a lesson that many donít believeÖthis stuff is hard. Not like hard physical labor [...] >> read entry

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