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Jason Aycock Hammond, LA

Jason’s first taste of deer hunting came at age two, when his grandfather felt he was old enough to accompany him regularly on hunts in Madison County, Mississippi. Here, Jason was introduced to the exciting world of dog hunting, and spent much of his early childhood engaged in this method of pursuit. After missing several deer behind the hounds, he finally killed his first at age 7 while still hunting alone on his grandfather’s farm.

Although living in Louisiana his whole life, Jason never considered hunting there until 1999, after reading an outdoor publication outlining the various areas in the Bayou State open to the public for hunting. From that moment forward, he’s devoted most of his time exploring these public lands and utilizing strategies to increase his success of harvesting deer there. Most of what he’s learned comes from his own field observations and by asking everyone he meets about the tactics they’ve used to achieve success. Through a trial-and-error process, he’s incorporated the best of these insights into his own hunting strategy.

Those countless hours spent conversing with hunters all across Louisiana left Jason with an enduring appreciation for the superior skills, tactics, persistence, and passion Louisiana hunters posses over the rest of America’s hunters. He wanted to create something reflecting these characteristics for the public to see, and began production of the Bayou Bucks Documentary in the Fall of 2006. Following release of this award winning DVD, Jason founded Bayou Bucks University with the same goal in mind.

Jason Aycock Field Journal
Lastest Entry 09/16/2009
I'm leaving for the 1st hunt of the 2009-10 season. I'll be video blogging the entire trip and uploading it in near-realtime via iphone to my faculty profile page. I'll try to capture the scouting and behind the scenes kind of things. I'll probably be posting 2-4 short videos per [...] >> read entry

Jason Aycock Articles
Filming Hunts (Part 2 of 2) 09/22/2009
In Part 1 of this article series, we discussed camcorder equipment purchase decisions for filming our own hunts. If there’s anything to take away from that section, it’s that equipment >> read more
Filming Hunts (Part 1 of 2) 08/05/2009
Few will disagree that one of the most rewarding parts of hunting is making the kill. Since most of us have better odds at a roulette table from an effort/success >> read more
The Lost Frontier 06/29/2009
As Louisiana hunters, we have a profound and enduring appreciation for the beauty and tranquility this sportsman’s paradise provides. There’s something beyond description that overwhelms us each time we head >> read more
Jason Aycock Telecourses
Simmons’ Big Buck Contest 03/09/2010
Check out this fast-paced video of the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest. Greg covered most of these deer plus many others just as they hit the dirt. For those >> read more
Climbing Stand Tactics for Troublesome Trees 11/19/2009
This hunting tutorial will show you how to overcome many common problems associated with climbing stands. These maneuvers are dangerous; proceed at your own risk. How do you climb >> read more
Hanging a Lock-on Stand Securely 11/12/2009
This tip demonstrates how to securely hang a lock-on for deer hunting. In this setup, we’re using a Gorilla Scout lock-on and Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks. We’ll show you >> read more

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